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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Campgrounds, photography, and other things

I just received a comment from Sandie, of "Where are the Dixons Today". She responded to a comment I left on her blog about wanting to visit the Laura Ingalls Wilder places in De Smet, SD, and she had a tip for a good campground at Lake Thompson State Park. I have read numerous recommendations in blogs for areas that I hope to be travelling to, and it just came to me that I need to start writing these places down in a location I will be able to find them. Where better than directly on the appropriate Triptik page? Now I need to go back through a few other blogs and see if I can find other good camping spots.

I also received this email from Theresa of "Roadrunner's Travels". I am able to get on Google, using my cell phone, but it will not let me post. I can read blogs, and my mail, but when I try to go to the
dashboard to post, the software blocks it. I am trying to resolve the problem.

If anyone has had a similar problem with Google please let me know if and how you resolved it and I will pass the info along to Theresa.

I thought Rick had an excellent post today about a program that helps you to create panoramic photos out of several individual shots. The program is called Autostitch and it is available free in a demo version (no expiration on this version so it's basically FREE!) I looked at the website and found that Autostitch is available only for Windows. That led me to find a program called Calico that will work for the Mac, and which has a free demo version available.

In the meantime I did something I do only when all else fails - I got out the user guide for my camera and looked up "panorama". I had to take the book out on the patio to be able to read it in natural light - all the words blurred together indoors - and although it was cold out there this morning I stayed and read long enough to find that I have a feature on my camera that will stitch the individual shots together. Now I need to find a subject to photograph and try this out. It may be so involved and aggravating that I will just drop it, but I hope it's quick and easy enough that I can use it especially in my travels.

Anyone who has ever traveled anywhere knows that a photograph simply cannot capture the grandeur and beauty of some sights. Mostly I try to imprint the scenes on my memory, but being able to keep a panoramic photo would be a help. Some things are just too beautiful and awe-inspiring though, and even if you can capture a good photograph, it never does it justice.

Steve borrowed my truck yesterday and I have his "little" Matrix parked in my spot. I pulled it forward into the spot because I couldn't see to back in. Every day lately a huge vehicle is parked in the spot next to mine. Catch the irony of my complaining about a "huge vehicle", next to my 1 ton with duallies! At any rate, one day it is a large Ford whatever, another day a Chevrolet behemoth, and yesterday and this morning it is a Chevrolet Suburban. The matrix is just too small for me to judge where I am, and to back around one of these large vehicles.

We had a Suburban when the kids were little and I drove it around like it was a VW Beetle! I don't even remember having difficulty finding a parking spot or pulling in to one.

I've been at this computer long enough for a while, so I think I'll see if the patio has warmed up any and do what I most enjoy - look at some maps and dream.

I'm going to add a short note to what I already posted a bit earlier today. I was reading Rod's account of his visit to Telluride, which was overrun by folks waiting for a Phish concert. I decided to see if I could listen to samples of their music on Amazon since I really didn't recall ever hearing them, although I know the name. I actually think they would appeal to most bloggers as it definitely isn't hard rock or heavy metal, but a light sound and you can actually understand the words. I can't say I would want to buy a CD or listen to them often because I prefer acoustic instruments - those that don't get plugged in to an electric socket.

To hear samples, go to amazon.com and select Music, then enter Phish. The first album that will come up will probably be Joy, so click on the title which should take you over to the option to listen to samples. I think Rod had an excellent blog today with some great pictures of Telluride, and it's worth a look-see if you haven't already read today's entry. And if you've never heard of Phish and don't think you would like their music, take a listen to some of the samples.


  1. Thanks for the suggestion about Calico. It is just what I am looking for and I will put it to good use. I only had a Windows program before and have been looking for a good free one for Mac. Thanks!

  2. Call me crazy, but I just can't bring myself to go and listen to a band by the name of Phish - that puts me off right away!!

    Glad you were able to get that Mac version of the panorama software. Can't wait to see how your pics turn out.

    Isn't it amazing what we find on our cameras and stuff when we actually look. I never knew I had an "stitch" mode either until yesterday and I've had my camera almost 2 years now.

  3. When you figure out all the options on your camera Gypsy, can you help me with my Sony Cyber-Shot?

  4. I'm wondering if it's the word verification that's turned off on some of the blogs. There's several blogs I can't leave comments on, but can't figure out why. It's always the ones that don't have word verifications. Can that be it?

  5. Thanks for the nice comments about our blog for yesterday. I had fun writing it. Especially the part about all the Jeeps. These ideas just come to me at times.
    Now on the band PHISH. Perhaps I am just getting too old, but I understand instantly what Rick is saying in his comment above about the name putting me off. But when I get home, and internet is unlimited, I will listen to them I Promise!!!

  6. Thank you for mentioning my blog problem, it was not a Google thing, but a software problem! I am so glad to have it working!

  7. So Phish is definately a Jam Band. However, the lead singer Trey Anastasio is a very talent musician that also performs folk and bluegrass and has also been inspired by traditional africian music from Senagal. He actually has performed quite a bit with Dave Mathews and Orchestra Baobab, including the below clip from the Letterman show.