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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Here's Lookin' at You, Kid!

It has been a long day and it's only about 6:00 pm! I was up very early to get ready for my visit to the eye surgeon. I am now declared healed, although I think there is still a slight bit of swelling, but it isn't affecting my vision as badly as it was. I was making an appointment to see someone from the Optometry side to get a prescription written and filled for glasses. When they checked the insurance I have for that, they found they weren't with that company.

My Blue Cross/Blue Shield is under the federal employees plan, and I pay an extra $9 a month for a supplemental vision plan that covers an eye exam and new lenses every year, plus new frames every two years. So I went to Wal Mart, but the Optometrist is off on Thursdays. I came home and looked at the Preferred Provider list for this area, and the first one I called could get me in next Tuesday. I called another provider who told me if I could get there by 11 am they could see me. I made it right down to the minute. I got the exam and prescription, and ordered the glasses. I have to pay extra for a couple of items including Transition lenses (they get darker/lighter depending on the sunlight) and premium scratch resistance. I am very hard on eyeglasses and scratch them, drop them, lose them, etc., so I decided to pay extra. My out of pocket cost was to be $215.

After I got home, and 20 minutes into my nap, they called and told me that this was the off year for getting new frames, so now I have to pay for them as well. It will be worth it if I can read and see better. I decided on bifocals (no line) because it will be much more comfortable on a long trip - I can glance at a map, the GPS screen, the dashboard, etc., without a problem. They will also help my night driving, even though I have no plans to drive at night if I can help it!

I stopped by Jeannie's on the way back and talked to Ara while she was packing. Trying to get a huge suitcase packed plus a large carry-on backpack left her with no recourse except to have her Mom mail her a box. She has decided she wants to simplify her life and get rid of some things she doesn't use all that often. Does she sound like a future Gypsy?

I think my newest grandson will be arriving within the next day or two. I will be so happy to see that little boy! But he will arrive before my new glasses do.


  1. If $$ matter here is a hint zennioptical.com
    Good service and good glasses.

  2. WooHoo! Good news from the eye surgeon. I'm glad that everything has finally cleared up and healed up. Now...it's off to New York (isn't it?).

    Your spirit seems brighter in this post girlfriend. I'm glad to see that. Take care.

  3. Glad you got a good report from the eye doc. Won't be long until you are ready to travel!

  4. Yea!!!!! I'm glad the doctor cleared you. Now, it's all the better to see everything.

  5. All right-sounds like you are good to go! Insurance is always problematical, but good results will override that.

  6. Awesome! So glad to hear you got a good report!! :) Also, glad you got in for that appt. - it will be great to get your glasses and be able to see more clearly.

    So is there a trip coming up now?

  7. SO good to hear your eyes are improving and you are gonna get more out and about now! So what is your next adventure going to be?

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  8. I'm hearing "On the Road Again" playing for you once more. :)

  9. Great news!! Now lets all pray for the fiver to sell. Look out New York, here she comes....

  10. That's wonderful news! I hope you sell the 5er and get something to get you back on the road. I hope you get out some before long.

  11. Congratulations, Gypsy, on your brand new baby grandson! You and he make a perfect pair in your photo. Glad you were there to help out and enjoy the new arrival with family.