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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Just a quickie

I took two Benadryl tablets before going to bed last night, and I slept pretty well. I'm not even sure if there was noise coming from upstairs, but if there was I certainly didn't let it bother me.

The trouble is that I have been sleepy all day long, and have napped off and on for the entire day, so of course I have nothing to blog about.

Tomorrow I think I will be babysitting the new grandson for a few hours, so I'm either going to have to tune out any noise or just use the #*/^& earplugs!


  1. We expect more pictures of the baby.

    I hate taking that stuff. It's worse than a hangover.

  2. I have some serious allergy issues, and I use Benadryl if I need to get some sleep, but I only take one before bed.

  3. I've lived in apartments, and now in a condo, and I've never had a problem with neighbors making too much noise - maybe an occasional party, but that's it. Your neighbors shouldn't be making that much noise no matter where their rooms are located above you. If they are affecting you this much - that you have to take meds to sleep - can't you say something to them, or the landlord? You shouldn't have to live like this. "Quiet enjoyment," something we are all entitled to in our homes. Just my opinion, couldn't stop myself :) Enjoy the little guy - he'll be fun to babysit while he's so tiny!

  4. Well, if you've been napping all day how about blogging about who & what you have been dreaming about:))

  5. Benedryl can have that hangover effect. Try one next time. :) Have fun babysitting.

  6. And here I thought the quickie you were going to talk about was of a different nature! :)

  7. I have found that a fan makes enough "white noise" to mask MOST neighbor noise.

    I know it's he77when you can't sleep. LG