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Sunday, August 29, 2010

I don't know how I'm still moving

Amy and I watched the two little girls from about 2:00 yesterday afternoon until 1:00 am this morning. I stayed awake, and even drove myself home although parking the truck in the dark was not easy, with the big Ford parked next to me.

This morning I got a few items from the local farmers' market and just put everything in the fridge, except for washing the grapes which I'll be nibbling on all day.

I've spent at least an hour this morning hunting for my California maps, specifically the Central and Northern maps. I can't figure out where I want to go for a few days, or even when, especially with Labor Day coming up. I may just wait until after that is all over and the parks and campgrounds are empty. Actually I still think I would prefer to find a free spot in one of the National Forests to throw down my tent for a couple of nights. The only drawback is that I have no clue where the pot farms are located, but I'm unlikely to get that far into a remote area.

I was thinking that since I'm not pulling an RV I could drive my truck across the Coastal Range mountains towards the Pacific. I don't think I would go all the way to the ocean, but it is a possibility. Times like this I almost wish I was married so I could plan and enjoy the trip with a partner. I hate to even think a thought like that, and certainly wouldn't want to say it aloud!

Half a day later I never did find the maps I've been looking for, but I did have a nice long nap.


  1. Waiting until after Labor Day would probaably be a very wise thing to do. Here in Canada it is like the difference between Day & Night. I once took a trip to Canada's east coast by myself in my little Volkswagon Camper. Waited until after the Labor Day week-end & it seemed like I had the whole east coast to myself. Nobody in the look out points & nobody in the Rest Areas. Totally excellent:))

  2. That must have felt like an awfully long day yesterday even though I sure you enjoyed it.

    You just reminded me again of why I don't use paper maps - I could never find them. So far, I haven't managed to lose my computer!

  3. Gypsy, I think it was my fault. I just cleaned out my car and threw away all my maps. Northern California, Sierras, Central Coast, SF Bay Area, and San Diego. I have my GPS and haven't touched a map since. So I threw them all away. Do you think it was a cosmic thread from my car up to you? And your's joined mine? Funny how our minds work. :) Wish I could have mailed them to you!

  4. I'm surprised you had the strength to even get to the Farmer's Market after a long stretch babysitting.

    We always use maps. I love to look over maps and do it often just to see the places on them and the roads we can take to get there! So much fun.

  5. Sounds like you need a break. Have you ever thought of joining a Singles RV group, like the Loners on Wheels? They camp all over California.

  6. 1 AM is way to late for me most of the time.

    We left it late locate a place for the holiday weekend, but we lucked out on the third or 4th call and will get a spot in West Yellowstone, with a short drive into the park.

    Otherwise we would have had to hide out in the boonies for a few days until the working/school folks have to go home. :)

  7. I am not sure if I got your drift. Are you wanting to be near the pot farms or away from the pot farms......lol. Avoid the crazies and go after Labor Day.

  8. Unless you are looking for a replay of your camping trip at Jenkinson Lake (Sly Park), don't venture out on Labor Day. After that, how about Ice House Reservoir, Loon Lake, or Wright's Lake? I've seen some of the most beautiful wildflower meadows at Wright's Lake in August, and all these places are within an easy half day drive from you.

    Safe travels,
    Writing today from Minot, ND

  9. Dang, kids can sure wear a body out! I hear you about sharing the planning and traveling with a partner. :( :)

  10. When all else fails, nap... Sometimes having a partner to plan things with means you may have two entirely different sets of plans. I think you should go for it and just have a good relaxing time.