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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Do I cry or laugh

I can either cry or I can laugh, so I choose laughter. My day began when I walked Lady past our apt. complex and was passing the apartments next to us. Just about everyone runs their automatic sprinklers early in the morning, but there has been a malfunction in the adjacent complex's system. Sometimes they point out across the sidewalk and into the street. I thought, aha, I will walk up over the grass behind the malfunctioning sprinkler.

I did that but at that point, the next sprinkler was at the end of its arc and pointed straight at me. I got a sharp spray full in the face, my clothes were wet, my hair was wet, and my dog was wet. I think I let go with a bit of profanity and when I took my sunglasses off to shake the water off them, I saw a young woman coming over who said she would try to fix it. She wasn't part of the maintenance crew and looked like she was going to work, but darned if she didn't straighten it out! But by this time I was soaking wet, and it was down close to 50F, so I began to get really cold.

I should have come home and gone back to bed at this point, but I was planning to walk with Jeannie mid-morning, since she had taken the day off work. She nearly always runs late, and ran into road construction on one of the side roads we always take between our two homes, so she was further delayed. This put us out walking at Mather Field when it was really starting to get hot. I lasted about 40 minutes and then found a bench in the shade, panting and red-faced.

I went back to her house and watched the two little girls while she and Donald went to an exhibit in town that I saw last year and really hoped they could get to this year (Bodies Revealed). I kept a sharp eye on both kids, but I looked up and saw the baby with a green or blue mouth - she was sucking on a Crayola marker. I ran her to the sink and tried to rinse it off, getting color all over myself in the process. I took her back to the living room, and a few minutes later saw Autumn painting her toenails with black marker - a closer look showed she had also marked up the baby's arms and legs, but the colors didn't wash off this time. I'm frantic!

The parents finally got home and I was ready to come home myself and walk the dog. Because my computer refuses to keep a connection inside the house I brought it out to the patio where it seems to work fine. Then I realized I'm hungry as it's suppertime, and fortunately I had a leftover stuffed pepper which I reheated. I was carrying the plate, along with a full disposable plastic cup of beer outside, got to the doorway and realized I left my glasses inside. I can't read the computer screen without glasses, so I went back to retrieve them.

This time I get to the door carrying a hot plate of food, a full glass of beer AND my glasses. Opening the door I dropped the beer! The plastic glass broke on the tile entryway, and I lost every drop of beer. I ran to get a roll of paper towels and then saw Lady outside looking in the door, deciding to stay out of my way. I would never give a dog beer, but I found myself wishing she would help me out and lap some of it up. She wasn't getting near me - it was like she was waiting for the explosion.

A half roll of paper towels later I had the beer mopped up, poured myself another one in a new paper cup, retrieved my plate of food, and came back outside. I calmly ate dinner and then got back to the computer. As soon as I finish this blog entry and my beer, I think I should go to bed, but it's only 7:30 pm and still daylight. To look on the bright side, most of the time I spill beer it is on a computer keyboard, so I'm improving.

So goodnight everyone, and may your evening be uneventful.


  1. That's quite a day you had there Gypsy! I had to laugh just wondering about the look on the parents faces if they came home to find their kids all painted up black and blue!

    Better you spilled the beer than dropped your dinner though as it was much easier to replace.

    Make sure you dodge those sprinklers tomorrow morning!

  2. Sort of went from bad to worse I guess. At least you had another beer in the fridge to get you through the rest of the evening!

    Kids....aren't they a riot? :(

  3. You had quite a day Gypsy! I probably would have had more than one beer after all that.

  4. As I always say Gypsy....All the stuff that happens to us eventually makes for good stories!
    Thanks for telling yours.

  5. What a hoot. At least your life isn't boring!! What did the parents say? I find the whole thing very funny, and hope you were also able to get a good laugh out of it.

  6. Your troubles are our gain; I am still chuckling ☺ Be glad that beer was not in a real glass, that would have been much harder to clean up. Hope today is a better day for you.

  7. Hope you have more fun times to tell us about today!! Kind of like the time you had bacon grease all over the 5er, but you had Lady's help that time. :)

  8. Wow what a day! I'm so sorry you experienced all the troubles, but it made for a great blog. Thanks