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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Another day away from home

I owe Lady big time for leaving her for the second all-day time in a row. Donald borrowed my truck early so that he could help his mom move some of her stuff to her new house, so I drove it over there and went with the girls (Jeannie and her 3 daughters) to the farmer's market. We decided to try one that is very close, just a couple of miles from her house (and from mine, as well). It is a much shorter market day than the bigger ones, and they have a lot fewer stalls, but much of the offerings were the same - all organic produce that is in season here.

I bought a lot of veggies that I am too tired to start cooking tonight, but the next couple of days I'm going to eat really well. I even found fresh kohlrabi that I love but don't see very often. Cooked simply, it is delectable!

A trip to Costco specifically for the purpose of Jeannie buying an Olympus camera that was on sale - ending today - found that they had sold out of the cameras and didn't think they would be restocking them. Calls to other Costcos in the area, plus a search online, showed she just couldn't find that camera. Then she started reading reviews and saw that several people complained that there was too much of a gap between pressing the button and taking the picture. This is a problem I have on my Nikon Cool-Pix, and I notice it especially if I'm trying to photograph a baby, my dog, or a hummingbird. I take the perfect shot but by the time the shutter opens to snap the pic they have moved. I take many photos that I delete because of this, and I'm sure I should be changing the settings to rectify this problem. The thing is, until I can get good reading glasses I can't make out the print in the instruction book!

We hit several other small specialty store for various items, and Donald returned home with the truck at 5:30, so I left immediately to come home and walk Lady. I'm going to try to stay home for the next week if possible, and I need to catch up on vacuuming (and cooking). But I had a wonderful day with the girls, and I cherish these times while I have them. I want to be on the road very badly, but I feel so cared about when I'm with family that I have to be happy while it lasts.

I didn't even turn on my computer before I left this morning, so I had lots of email to read, and now I will get started on reading the blogs. Just hope my connection stays with me for the duration!


  1. My Nikon Cool-Pix camera has the same problem of delay. I paid plenty for the camera and I noticed it immediately. But, I have continued using it for over 3 years and it has given me great shots. I assume that all digital cameras have some kind of delay and so I just stuck with it. Maybe by now they have improved it.

  2. I have the same issue with our digital camera. Is it the nature of the beast? I've tried some different settings, but doesn't seem to change much. :(

    Eat your veggies!

  3. push the shutter button half way while aimed at something stationary with the same distance and exposure needs. Hold that setting and realign on your preferred target. Then press the shutter release the rest of the way down. That will knock out about 2/3 of the delay time on most digital cameras.

  4. Can your doctor not give you the number to get glasses at the dollar store? That's what he did for me and although they're not great and I have to block out the left eye at least I can read and be on the computer.

    My Sony camera that I had before my Lumix had a shutter lag as well, very annoying but the Panasonic Lumix is much better.

    I love kohlrabi too but Gordon can't eat it and for all I know now, maybe I can't either. Food sensitivities are such a pain!

  5. I love kohlrabi raw. We grew lots of it at the sticks and bricks, but I never tried it cooked.

    My camera does the same thing, and I miss a lot of wildlife shots I would like to get, but can't. Mine is also a Nikon Coolpix. Otherwise, I love it.

  6. I have a Canon digital camera and although I'm sure it has the same type of shutter lag you're referring to, I can't really say I've ever noticed it. It must be the type of pictures I'm taking - mostly scenery and landscapes and those things don't usually move!

  7. Follow Barney's advice. If it's a quick shot there isn't much you can do & the delay will happen when the camera tries to focus, etc. Try to 'anticipate' the photo. If it's a baby pic for example, line up your shot & press the shutter half way down. This will calibrate & set up your correct focus. Hold your finger there & wait for your winning shot. Follow the baby's movement & anticipate the shot. Practice that finger method with Lady. She will make a good subject.