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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Warm, fed, and happy

I am snug here in my 5th wheel on a cold evening in Georgia, just finished with my dinner, and have the next three days off work. I'm happy with life right now!

We've had a busy two days at the Visitors Center store as well as Sutler's. I've missed being over at the Fort, but glad to see I can do fine in the VC as well. There are always more people milling around, waiting for the guided tours, musket demonstrations, and films in the small theater, but after touring the Fort they can't resist the smell of the wood fire so many do their shopping there.

I am using the antenna that I ordered for my air card. It was easy to set up, and while I think I notice a difference, there are still times when it's difficult to get a connection. Then it often helps to reboot, but that shouldn't be necessary and tells me that my computer may need to be tweaked as far as set-up goes. When the air card is working now it is usually much faster, so I think I will appreciate having it.

I think that the walk from the gate to my 5ver a few nights ago finally hit me late yesterday. I was dragging in the afternoon and then couldn't stay awake in the evening so I went to bed about 8:30 pm! I needed that.


  1. Glad you enjoyed a good day and that you now have 3 free days. Take care and stay warm. Good night, Gypsy!

  2. Am interested in knowing how you make out with your antennae. We bought a similar Wilson antennae last year & have not had too much luck with it the 2 times we tried it.

  3. Glad you are really enjoying yourself there Gypsy! It really sounds like the perfect spot for you. We're "back in the USA" for the next 4 months now!