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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A trip to Savannah

The day was warm and sunny, a little muggy since it had rained during the night. Mary and I were soon on our way to the Visitors Center in Savannah, where we parked her truck and began walking. This was a trip to sort of get a feel for the city and we will certainly go back and see places of interest. We started out on River Walk which is the touristy thing to do - lots of shops and restaurants, and interesting boats on the river.

There are plenty of restaurants and we stopped to have lunch, then set out again walking over to where some of the mansions are located. There are other streets that await our next visit and perhaps a tour through one of the old historic houses. We came upon an old cemetery, the DAR Cemetery (Daughters of the American Revolution) and walked through admiring the old stones, mausoleums and of course, the spanish moss draping from the trees.

More pictures follow tomorrow. I lost connection in the middle of loading another one, and have had problems ever since.

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  1. Isn't Savannah a beautiful city, at least the historic district?