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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Frustration is high today

With a day off work I decided not to go anywhere, because anywhere I would go might involve spending money. So it would have been a perfect day to fool around on the internet, researching smaller RV's and all sorts of things. I haven't had the greatest internet connections lately, but they haven't been as bad as today. I couldn't get my email to load. When I finally reached a website after rebooting and retrying, I would get a notice that the connection was lost - try again. This has gone on for the entire day whenever I tried getting online, in between naps!

I'm not sure I'll get to the point where I can post this, but if I do, you will understand why I'm keeping it short.

Back to work tomorrow, Christmas Eve.


  1. I don't think it's you, Gypsy, I think it's AT&T... mine has been that way all day today, and a friend in Tennessee has the same troubles with her AT&T connections today too. I tried to call AT&T but they are sooo backed up with phone calls, it was an hour and 40 minutes wait! No way, not on cell phone minutes. So I am limping along. If I get a connection, I shoot out a few replies. I had one gal frantically emailing me about an order. It finally arrived at her door, just as I finally got a reply off to her in email. ACK

    Maybe tomorrow the connection will be better. They said on the news that Blackberrys were goofed up too. Perhaps some of the same towers or programming problems?

  2. Our AT&T was super slow for the past 2 days. Grrrrrrrr.

    Merry Christmas to you, anyway!

  3. Not exactly sure how this bandwidth stuff works but it could be the ka-zillions of kids home for Christmas holidays on their computers burning up all the bandwidth!!

  4. Merry Christmas, Gyps! Hope your day is blessed in every way!