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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sunny and mild

I left home fairly early this morning and my heart was singing, looking out over the marshes, the beautiful sky, and the land itself. (I realize if it was the middle of summer my heart would do more moaning than singing.) I found a place to get my hair cut, found the Walmart store which is pretty well hidden until you are right there, found the grocery store, and got a propane tank filled at Ace Hardware for $32.21 incl. tax! That seems pretty high for a 7 gallon tank, but it was already filled, I needed it, so I paid the price. I think I got a pretty good haircut, but shook my head when I walked in to the place - two very big screen TV's tuned to CNN with the sound muted, and music I didn't care for with the volume way too high. Why is it assumed that everyone likes catchy rock or moaning soulful music, or CNN (which is much better with the sound off come to think about it). But nothing can spoil my mood today.

It's actually warm enough for the dog to be outside in the sun and she loves it, but it doesn't seem like just three days before Christmas. I think I'll join Lady in the sun and read a book lent to me by Mary, entitled "Savannah's Ghosts". It even includes a self guided tour to the most haunted spots. Good thing they don't frighten me because I would welcome a visit from a ghost!


  1. Hey Gypsy, I've got a few old ghosts in my past you can have. I never hear from them anymore!!
    Your weather is sunny & mild & ours is sunny & wild. Big gusting winds to-day rocking the motorhome!! Enjoy this pre-Christmas lull. Some of us are so lucky in not having to deal with all that stuff anymore.........:))

  2. Glad to hear you're having a nice sunny day. It's sunny here as well and just a beautiful day for just a few days before Christmas. Enjoy the ghost stories!

  3. I think your sunny mood has a lot to do with living an RV lifestyle! Being in a sunny, wonderful place can't hurt either. :) Enjoy your beautiful weather with Lady.

  4. If you like ghosts, then you're in the right area to see some. Savannah is soooo haunted.

    I took a picture at the Mercer-Williams house that is pretty inexplicable.