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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day off

Yesterday was the first of my two days off in a row, so I took care of little things that have to be done. I mailed off my Christmas packages to the grandkids, and knew there was something else to be done while I was out - I forgot to get my hair cut. Maybe today. I did laundry at the Park HQ Bldg, shown below. I think it is so nice that the older style buildings are retained and restored, rather than torn down so a concrete block building can be thrown up in its place.

The inside of this building is beautiful - lovely wood flooring, gorgeous, highly polished dark wood furniture, a huge kitchen, etc. I have been through the part that is used for conference rooms and offices but I don't know what else is there. We pick up our mail on an enclosed sunporch in the rear, and the laundry is around back at ground level. The river is to the right of the house.

Later in the afternoon I walked down to the river and took this photo of the Coast Guard building. Unfortunately you can't tell from the picture how beautiful this building is - there are upper and lower verandas wrapped around all sides that I can see, and this building sits right by the river also. Our campsites are just across the road from the CG Building.

It got so warm in the afternoon I sat outside in shorts and a t-shirt until I felt sprinklings of rain and it started to cool off. Today is windy and won't be as warm as yesterday, but the sun is shining. I need to have recall work done on my Ford truck so I think I will try to find the closest Ford dealer - about 20 miles away. I never was able to get it done while in Asheville, and I suppose I need to take care of it so I can cross that off my list.

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  1. Thanks for the nice picks, Gypsy. It sure does look like a beautiful place! Enjoy another day off!