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Thursday, December 3, 2009

First day on the job

I'm home for lunch right now and thought I would try to get online. It worked! I will cut and paste what I wrote last night at the end of this entry. I guess from now on I will just post when I can get online, and unless it's something I don't want to forget I will forget the Word document.

I love working over at the Fort. For one thing the store is right in the Fort itself and probably served as officers' quarters or such, and the architecture is much nicer than the modern Visitor Center bldg. I'm working with Thomas who runs the Sutler's store there and we are getting it ready for the upcoming candlelight tours, moving things around, setting out displays and stock items, etc. What Christmas shopping I will do this year will be done at this store, and I will probably buy a lot of items for myself before I leave here. The books alone could occupy me for the next three months! I am going to try to get pictures, especially when it's decorated for Christmas.

I worked for 3 hours this morning and alreay I am tired. I need some pep pills or something, although I do take vitamins. It is no doubt age-related. I'm afraid I'll come home for the day and be too tired to cook supper. I think I'll take a quick power nap now, so I'll just see ya later.

December 2, 2009:
Since this connection is really unreliable for more than a few minutes, I will write my entries in Word and then cut and paste when I do get online. This is frustrating because I’m showing that I’m connected with two bars, yet I can’t get an internet connection.

This morning I heard a very loud horn, looked up toward the Savannah River, and saw a huge container ship going toward the sea. This is going to be an interesting location, although I realize I’m going to have to keep my camera with me at all times.
A little later I was walking over to the Fort and met two of the new volunteers who will start the same day I do. They are getting in their sightseeing from the git-go, and I see them around the grounds with their camera clicking. They informed me that they had seen the baby gator who lives in the moat, but I didn’t get there quick enough to see it. I didn’t think gators moved all that fast unless they were after a meal. The baby doesn’t worry me half as much as his mama or daddy!

The big storm we have been expecting hasn’t arrived yet, but it has started to rain in late afternoon. One of the other volunteers who has helped me get into my site and get set up advised me to make sure I had an adequate amount of water in the fresh tank. It seems if the electric power goes in a storm, the water doesn’t pump either. I was glad for the heads up because I’ve been trying to use up what I had and I know the water level is low. I need to find out how to drain the tank so I can start with really fresh water. I think what I have is left over from Lassen.


  1. There will be a drain valve for your fresh water tank somewhere. Our drain valve is located in our plumbing bin. Nice to see you getting your teeth into the new job. Your positive enthusiasm bubbled up right on our screen as soon as I opened your post. Nice to have some new excitement eh:))

  2. Hope you find the drain valve. Ours is at the tank which sits under the couch. Good luck to you :-)

  3. Your current location sounds so interesting. Being right by the water will be a great experience, too, I would think. Yeah, we learned the hard way one time long ago...never leave your fresh water tank too low.

    Have fun, Gypsy.

  4. Oh Gyps, what a neat place to be and work. I'm sure you will get used to it....your body probably just needs a little time to adjust to the new routine. Looking forward to pics and details when you can post.