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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pictures, 3rd post Dec 13

Here are two pictures of author Robert T.S. Mickles, Sr.

And here is what I got when I tried to catch the cannon fire. One of the other volunteers knew how my pictures came out on the first night of the Event, and she was excited near the end of the 2nd evening thinking she had captured the flare of the cannons. When she showed me, her picture had turned out exactly like mine.

If you think you can take any more pics of the Gypsy, here are two that show in graphic detail why it is best that women don't wear this type of clothing any more. The skirt was heavy, uncomfortable, and terribly unflattering!


  1. You look very nice in that dress. Great pictures. Glad you managed to post them.

  2. Guess men don't know much about flattering or unflattering stuff. Dress looks mighty fine to me..........

  3. You look great!!!
    Weird about those photos

  4. I agree Gyps....you look dandy fine to me too! Ain't it fun to play dress up!

  5. What a neat gift/bookstore! I think I could do some serious looking/shopping there.
    You look very nice in your dress. I bet it is heavy....but maybe warm. At least it isn't 98 degrees. LOL
    Thanks for sharing!