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Sunday, December 27, 2009

I'm learning!

Learning a lot of things...I now know what to do in the event the gate to the island is closed and locked. I now know how to drain the fresh water tank - don't laugh - I really couldn't figure out where to open the drain. The printed manual that came with the Hitchhiker is practically worthless for a lot of issues, and I'm sure it's the same for most brands and models. It does tell me though, to let the solution sit for 3 hours and then drain and flush out the tank, and I have another hour to go. I'm could have used a bit more bleach to the tank, but I'm not going to get carried away on my first try. There was also a comment about "low point drains in the storage bays", and I'm not touching that one just yet.

I drove to Kroger's this afternoon so now I know of another grocery nearby. I can't say I am completely pleased with their selection, most of which are their house brands, but it's another place to shop and they do have good sales.

The way to Krogers takes me over Johnny Mercer Blvd, which I love to drive on. It is lined on both sides of the two lane street with trees, dripping with Spanish moss. It looks like you are driving through a green tunnel or an arbor.

After my ordeal last night and having to walk from the gate back a mile and a half to my rig, I was up all night with leg cramps. No sooner would I get back to dreamland than I would have to get up and walk off the pain. Today is only marginally better so I think the only option I have is to take a nap!


  1. I found your blog and have spent two evenings and part of this morning reading all your post. I admire your trials and tribulations. I admire you overcoming your fears. You are living the dream that I know I will never realize. I do have one question that I would like to ask and that being, will you marry me?

  2. I have leg cramps at night too but only if I don't drink enough water during the day. Your walk might have dehydrated you ??? I hope those cramps take a hike. Good luck

  3. Our manual on the DP is also useless at times. My question is: Did you find your glasses?

  4. Good for you on the draining and sanitizing the fresh water tank, Gypsy. You're going to be such an expert on you're 5'er that you'll never want to downsize!

  5. Sorry to read about your latest snag in returning to your campsite...

    lol...Just read BudinOK's post..."will you marry me".

    Take care Gypsy...HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    ((HUGS) Tricia