Eastern Utah
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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Some additional photos from the Wednesday post

Here are some photos I couldn't load earlier, and as always, they look better if you click on them to enlarge. The first is the entrance arch to the DAR Cemetery, and then one of the beautiful trees.

Another scene from River Walk:

And finally, my camp site at Fort Pulaski. The building to the extreme right is the Coast Guard Station, and I am going to try for a better shot of it soon (no pun intended).


  1. Hey Gypsy

    From the picture your site looks like a nice one for workamping. Not that I'm an authority, LOL. We workamped at Hagerman NWR in Sept and Oct. and our site was not as nice...right on the road.

    Enjoying your blog and reading of your travels.


  2. Great pictures, Gypsy. The tree reminds me of a trip we took a long time ago. We took a tour on a boat like the one in your pictures in New Orleans.