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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cal Expo

Coming back from the dog walk this morning I heard the sound of a cow mooing. Yep, I know a cow when I hear one. I'm getting sort of used to seeing horses all around this area, but a cow seemed unusual, so I checked on the current events being held here besides the harness racing: they include Log Home & Timber Frame Expo; Dream Wedding; Sacramento Home & Garden Show; and the Gun Show. These take place up until March 9, and I can't picture a cow being part of any of them, unless the Dream Wedding is held outdoors under a gazebo at the farm.

I'm going to try to post some pictures later today, after I take them of course. I walked a little farther than usual this morning and found a different view of the RV park and racetrack.

You may notice that I now have a map of my RV travels. I have made the decision to include all states that the 5th wheel passes through, not just the ones where I stop overnight. (I have actually been to all but 5 states plus two Canadian provinces, but won't include them on this blog.)

I've also added a picture of my 1st grandson and 2nd grandchild, Owen Michael. His twin was stillborn and he only lived 7 months. He is shown with his parents, Joe and Sarah. We will always miss him.

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