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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Eyes OK!

I just got back from seeing the eye surgeon. My eyes are doing great, but I possibly have a sinus infection. He gave me several different medicines, nasal spray, eye drops, etc., and if they don't help I may have to see an Eye-Nose& Throat specialist. But the vision is coming along just fine. I have another follow up in 7 weeks.

The eye clinic is in Rancho Cordova, about a mile from where I used to live. In the 80's, it was jokingly referred to as Rancho Cambodia. Now it could be called Russian Cordova! There are Russians all over the Sacramento area, but especially in RC. The little old ladies coming to the eye clinic all wear babushkas tied around their heads, the long coats and black boots. The middle aged women who accompany them dress more modernly. While they wait they read newspapers printed in the Cyrillic alphabet. In stores and businesses throughout the area you are as likely to hear Russian spoken as English or Spanish, and you can tell that the now grown-up children of the immigrants work in these stores and serve as interpreters as well. The Spanish are the same. It seems to bug a lot of people that immigrants don't speak English when they come here, but their children will, and in a few generations the old language will be forgotten with the exception of a few phrases. My great grandparents came from Germany in the mid 1800's, and my grandmother never did speak English and what did it matter. All of her descendants do. It has always been the American way and we shouldn't forget that we are a nation of immigrants, plenty of whom were illegal when they arrived on our shores.

My new sunglasses arrived and they are wonderful! The copper lens improves vision for driving, especially. I just wish I didn't have the other pain - sometimes it hurts with every step I take. As long as I'm very still there is no pain. I can hardly move around less than I do now - the housework is getting way ahead of me, and that is bad because it doesn't take all that long to clean & straighten up 275 sq ft!


  1. So glad everything is okay Gypsy. Forget the cleaning until your well healed..

  2. Glad to hear all is well, but take care of that sinus infection. I had one that moved into my chest and almost put me in the hospital---took 3 different antibiotics before Doc found one that worked. I was never so sick---so don't let it go....