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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blog problems

I recently created two new journal sites, one in webs.com and the other in blogspot. Every time I post a new entry to this RVing blog, it shows up in my other blogspot site and I don't know how to correct it. I will probably just re-create it in webs.com. If I hadn't put so much effort into this site I would move it as well, and may eventually do just that. Amazing that it's what most RV bloggers use, and yet it is not easy to understand or work with from my experience. I did the Appalachian Trail website in a few hours and am satisfied with nearly everything about it. webs.com is so much more intuitive and user friendly.

Ok, enough grumbling for today. It is a gorgeous day here, sun shining, mild temps, and I need to get out for a while and drive! I should drive to a few more distant RV parks and check out something for to rent beginning March 3, but I just can't get interested. I think I will go over to the place I'm not crazy about in West Sac, just for a month, and get some things done such as my March appointment with the doctor, get my generator checked out, clean up the rig, and a few more jobs, and then take off somewhere for a month or so.

I am trying to think of a destination, but the places I come up with are really too far to travel at this time of year, or else would require driving through mountains which are probably snow-bound. I don't want to take any chances with my rig.

I had a couple of Eggos last night as a bedtime snack, and am fixing a couple more for my breakfast this morning. At this rate I'll be buying another box of 60 in no time! Now if I could just find some black raspberry jelly to smear on them I'd stock up on it. Black raspberry is about as scarce as hen's teeth in Northern California. When I lived here in the 1980's I sometimes traveled back east on business, and always brought several jars back as I could never find it here.

As I wrote the previous paragraph I was toasting my Eggos but forgot, AGAIN, that you can't toast while the electric heater is plugged in. I hate it when that happens!


  1. Let go of my eggo!!!

  2. Oh yes, the famous Eggo addiction. Before you know it Gypsy, you will buying a stand alone freezer just to store your Eggos. Bob