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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ho-Hum Day

There isn't much to write about today, except that my eye is bothering me. The pain comes and goes all around the eye and I have no idea what it could be. I've taken a couple of Tylenol/codeine tablets, and I guess they help somewhat. I see the surgeon at 8:40 tomorrow morning, so I will just wait til then to find out if it's normal. I haven't had a bit of pain until now, and it isn't even in the eye itself. Bright light bothers me a lot.

I feel so bad at an incident that happened this morning. Mandy was making "getting sick" sounds so I immediately took her outside. I didn't even bother with the leash because she never goes far away from me, and because I thought she would just get it over with and want to come back inside. Although blind, she must have seen movement across the parking lot - a man was walking three little yappy dogs - and she started toward them. She wouldn't stop when I told her, and I ended up running after her and catching her just as she got close to them. The man was very upset, and of course I apologized. He yelled that his very tiny little dogs have been attacked by big dogs. Mandy is not exactly a big dog, and while Lady (80+#) will hold her own against a large dog, she is terrorized by little poodles, yorkies, and the rest of them. When he was walking away he yelled something about keeping my dog leashed. I called to him that she was getting sick and I brought her outside so she wouldn't get sick inside the rig. I told him again I was sorry, but he is probably still furious. I try to be so conscientious about keeping the dogs under control and picking up after them, and I'm really sorry and embarrassed about this incident. Nothing would convince that man, however, and I'm sure he thinks I did it on purpose. I would be angry if I was him, so I might as well try to forget it.


  1. Good luck at your Dr. appt. I know what you mean about the dog owner who was so upset. If he doesn't calm down, then he is the one with issues. Life is too darn short to stay upset. Bob

  2. Nothing more you could do about it Gypsy. You apologized and if he couldnt accept it, then his problem. You also explained the situation.
    I sure hope the dr can give you an explanation as to why you are still having issues with the eye. Good luck..

  3. I can't wait to hear about the eye. I'll watch for your post tomorrow. We're thinking of you.

  4. There are many reasons we totally avoid RV Parks. The dogs issue is just one of them. If we had to stay in RV Parks all the time we would probably stay home. For us RVing is nature, peace, & tranquility. We like to open our door in the morning & leave it open all day. The dogs come & go. Birds & butterfly's fly in & out. No people, no stress!! Grab yourself a couple of solar panels, some extra batteries, & come on out to the desert far from the maddening crowds........:))