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Sunday, February 22, 2009

The rain is back

After a few beautiful sunny days the rain began falling during the middle of the night. It kept me awake for a while as it seems rain and wind are amplified when you are in an RV. This morning I was able to take the dogs for a quick walk between the downpours. Of course my sunglasses protect my eye from any stray ultraviolet rays that might have been floating around, but also they keep rain water from getting into my eye. Maybe I should wear them in the shower - so far I've done ok although I know it's a risk every time I wash my hair.

I took a look at my bluetooth car speaker last night. The instructions are written in such fine print it's difficult for me to read them, so I went to the company's web site. Why in the world must they put music to the installation instructions! To begin with it isn't music that I care for, plus all I can think of is "bandwidth". I don't know for sure that music on a website takes more bandwidth than straight text, but I wish they would just forgo the videos and music, or at least make it optional. The bottom line is that I'm going to ask Donald to install the system for me, even though I'm pretty sure I could do it myself, but it would take me longer and add to the list of things I get frustrated with.

I'd like to go buy a newspaper but know I would get really wet in the process. The news is never good because good news doesn't sell papers (or attract people to watch it on TV). I don't need to see the Sunday ads because there is probably something on sale I can't live without but can't afford. If only I could find a book of NY Times Sunday Crossword Puzzles, I wouldn't need a newspaper for a month of Sundays!


  1. http://www.nytimes.com/ref/crosswords/classicpuz.html

    NY crosswords online.

  2. Marty,
    If you're concerned about getting water in your eyes while taking a shower, stop by a sporting goods store like Big 5, and get a pair of large cushy swim goggles. They're smaller than snorkle mask, but large enough to be comfortable and they keep the water out in a pool, so they should keep your eyes dry in a shower!