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Friday, February 6, 2009

Eye surgery coming up

My eye surgery can't happen fast enough to suit me. I received a call from the doctor's office confirming the date, this coming Tuesday, and reiterating some things I have to do, such as take no aspirin from now until Tuesday. I also decided to just get the regular lens implant, rather than the one that is for distance & close up vision. Most of the time I don't use glasses to read as it is right now - I see the computer screen and just about everything except very small print.

I wanted to get my hair cut before next week, but haven't been able to find a walk-in salon. My daughter just called me from her hairdresser's salon and told me she had a cancellation on Monday at 10:30 if I wanted it. Perfect! It will cost me more than I paid in Asheville, but I skipped a haircut since the last one so it all evens out.

I treated my hiking boots with SnoSeal this afternoon - a waterproofing treatment - and they look gorgeous. I will be able to walk through creeks and keep my feet dry!

I stopped at a grocery this morning for a few items and broke down and bought a package of Oreos. I rarely eat snacks or desserts, but just once in a while I get a craving for something sweet. Jeannie and I are going to the Folsom Outlet Mall tomorrow morning and I'm sure we will have to stop by a frozen yogurt place that's been recommended to her. I am picking up some bad habits!

I am hoping to find some brown or khaki pants to wear as part of my uniform for Lassen. I also need a brown belt. I may have mentioned I left a beautiful brown leather belt back in storage because I assured myself, "I ain't never gonna tuck my shirt in again".

Every day I see another Nu Wa Hitchhiker coming or going into the park. I didn't see as many back in the east as I have right here in northern California. There are some beautiful rigs, as mine will be if I ever get it cleaned up.


  1. Best wishes Gypsy with your eye procedure! Bob

  2. Re: Most of the time I don't use glasses to read as it is right now…

    Gypsy, you may want to clarify this one last time with your ophthalmologist. Being nearsighted, I didn’t require reading glasses until I had the implant on my right eye. Now, I need glasses to read even though I haven’t had the surgery on my left eye yet. My daughter, who is an ophthalmologist, said she hears this [I have never had to wear glasses to read up close] from nearsighted people all the time. The good news is, one can buy reading glasses anywhere and they are much cheaper than prescription glasses. Thank goodness for that because I am forever forgetting where I put them. J

    Best wishes for your surgery on Tuesday. You are so going to love being able to see clearly once again.

    It has been such fun watching your adventure unfold, thanks for letting us tag along.

    Happy trails,