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Monday, February 2, 2009

Cooking in an RV

I wonder if other RVers have as much difficulty when they cook in their rigs. I seem to have so little space, although I have adequate counter space to look at it, but I have a real mess in no time. I made sopa this afternoon, a Portuguese kale soup. Not difficult, not a lot of ingredients, but when I rinsed the kale in preparation for making the soup I got water everywhere - the floor, the countertops, the stove top and on myself! Chopping the kale was another mess - those little bits get everywhere and I will be finding them for a week. The potatos didn't cause too much trouble, thankfully. What I have now is a wonderful pot of soup, and I will cut slices of french bread, slather them with butter, sprinkle parmesan & mozzarella cheese on them and brown them in my toaster oven. Soup and bread, and I might even have a glass of wine (which I will drink from a champagne glass). A meal for the gods! I cook easy and quick meals with mostly fresh ingredients, but if I ever try anything gourmet I will have to hire Merry Maids to come in and clean up after me!


  1. I cringe everytime DH gets in the kitchen. Especially if he is using tomato sauce or juice. I guess I should not complain, he is an excellent cook...