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Friday, February 20, 2009

Another granddaughter

I got the news from Jeannie yesterday. She had an ultrasound and it is determined that the baby is a girl! Donald, the daddy, has said all along it will be a girl, but I thought it would be a boy. Even the nurses all had said it had more of a "boy heartbeat". Ara, Autumn and A-??? They haven't announced the name yet but it will begin with "A".

It looks like another sunny day coming up. The air is so much warmer in the sun, but you can notice the difference as soon as you step into the shade, or into the rig, where it tends to be cool. I wonder how it will be in hot weather. It looks like my campsite is covered by trees, and I'm hoping to get by without the A/C. I'm on the lookout for a screen tent to set over the picnic table area, and want to buy a nice camp chair that reclines.

I returned a few minutes ago from the morning dog walk. Twice in the last 12 hrs I've had someone compliment me on my dogs and their good behavior. Yesterday several people came riding by on horses and I just pulled mine as far over as I could. They just stood watching the horses and didn't make a move or a sound. A man was walking by with two dogs who were straining at their leashes, barking and trying to lunge at the horses. I couldn't figure out why he stayed right in the middle of the road rather than move to the side and just stop until the horses were past. The last rider pulled over to talk to me about how nice my animals were by comparison. He was the most handsome man I've seen in a long time - obviously Mexican, with a big Mexican style cowboy hat. He looked like a movie star from one of the old westerns! This morning a man was locking the gate to the parkway - it is patrolled by security and there are always maintenance vehicles going in and out. He began to talk about how nice looking and well behaved the dogs were. We chatted for a while and he told me he had to have a cataract removed soon. He was Hispanic as well - my informal poll is that the Mexicans and other Hispanics are the most friendly to me! They have brightened my day more than once, that's for sure.

Actually, the folks who manage the office here at Cal Expo couldn't be nicer and more friendly, and why not, they are Hitchhiker 5th wheel owners!

I don't know how to spend my day today. If I start repacking all the overheads and cabinets, I might be ready to move out by March 3. Whatever has happened to my organizational skills? I think I left them back in Texas or New Mexico!


  1. Congratulations on the granddaughter!!!

  2. Congratulations on the granddaughter!!!