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Thursday, February 5, 2009

The laptop is fixed!

I picked up my laptop this morning as the keyboard had to be replaced. I tried it out, and after getting reacquainted with my desktop, I don't like the laptop at all. It might be different if it had the Windows XP operating system, but I can't do anything with Vista. Somehow the icons were changed around, and the look of the Firefox page was also different. I am glad to have it on hand as a backup, as well as to carry with me this summer when I get to a town or someplace to access the internet.

I stopped at REI to check out hand held GPS systems. It has been suggested by my dear youngest brother that I might need to have one of these for when I hike the trails at Lassen. The prices are outrageous, and to be worth anything at all to me, the lower price models need map software added, to the tune of an additional $100. I have just about decided that since I carry a compass and can read a topo map I will do ok, although I am keeping an open mind to the GPS. I do like having one in the truck.

I decided to fix myself a bacon & tomato sandwich for lunch today. I had two tomatos on hand a couple of days ago and used one. When I went to get the remaining tomato from the fridge I discovered it was a tangerine, a big round one that was the color of a tomato. I ended up with a nice bacon sandwich!

I think if I have a shred of self-respect, I will get off this computer and do a bit of housekeeping! See ya later.


  1. If you had put that orange on the sandwich, you might have started a whole new trend in healthy eating!!!

  2. Gypsy,

    I have used the Garmin "ETrex" GPS Unit for years, and it is very cheap (you can find them on sale for less than $90). Its also waterproof to 3ft if you drop it in a stream, but plenty for rainy periods you might face. It also has the "Back-Track" feature, so you can retrace your own hike back the same way you came.

    Here is a web link for more info:


    Hope this helps...