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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wednesday is Wash Day-No Day is Ironing Day!

I finally did laundry today. It's a job I never minded until I began living in an RV, but I don't think I would want a washer/dryer in the RV at that. I loaded up the basket and took it to the Cal Expo park laundromat. It takes about 30 minutes for a wash, and 45 minutes to dry, and I did come back to the RV for lunch while the clothes were drying. Now all I have to do is to put them all away and put the clean sheets on the bed.

Then I went to Safeway. My goodness, they have incredibly high prices. It is the supermarket closest to where I am now, and I only needed a few items, but I skipped half of what was on my list because of the prices. Most of the milk on their shelves was within a week of the "sell by" date. The employees were all super friendly and helpful, but I think I will shop at other stores from now on. My favorite would be the Food Co-op because everything is organic and fresh, but the parking is a problem, especially with the long bed and duallies.

I included a picture I took this morning, and hope it gets inserted in the right place in the blog. That is my 5ver, and you can see the grandstand of the race track further back and across the fence. Because of the direction of the sun, it isn't easy to get the photo that I'd like. I've tried on other days and different times of day, but I'm not satisfied with the pics. You can double click to make the picture larger and the grandstand more visible. Maybe it's the cataract, but I can't see much of the picture at this size, so please enlarge it.

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  1. Gypsy,

    Have you gotten the chance to say hello to Dave & Trish ("woodtnd" on the NuWa Owners Forum), or the other Cal-Expo hosts Rich & Joan ("Flcruiser2" on the Forum)?

    Glad to see you getting ready for the summer fun ahead of you.

    Take care...

    -Gary- ("Kicked-Ash" on the Forum)