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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Behind the Wheel Again!

Last night Steve & Meg drove my truck back, and we went out to eat at Chipotle. Great food but very filling. Today I decided to get behind the wheel for the first time in over a week. I needed to do laundry, so drove up to the campground main building with my laundry basket and detergent. I seemed to have no problem with depth perception while driving with the dark glasses on, so I then drove the few miles to Costco. Never go to Costco, or any grocery, when you are hungry. I know this rule, but didn't pay heed.

I bought a box of 60 Eggos, which anyone with an RV size fridge/freezer can tell you is going to be a tight fit. I ended up having to discard the box - there are 6 separate packages of 10 each, and they just barely fit. I had to rearrange everything else in the freezer, including getting rid of the box that held the taquitos. They are also wrapped in a plastic bag and I just about got them in.

I love corned beef and cabbage, and used to make it in the crock pot when the kids were younger. I rarely cook it any more, but when I saw the display of corned beef in the meat department I just couldn't resist. Don't ask me how I am going to be able to eat the whole thing - I will have to share it with someone. I was thinking that I may, in fact, go buy one or two more and do the monthly get-together meal for the kids, so long as I can cook it at one of their houses. I wouldn't have room to serve them all here in the 5ver.

I bought a pair of running shoes that I'm wearing right now. They feel pretty good and Costco's price is right. I don't have enough of the right kind of socks to wear with them, so I bought a package of 6 prs of socks as well. Then I replenished my supply of some of the supplements I take, for example ginko biloba, which is said to improve one's memory, calcium tablets, and glucosamine/chondroitin for my arthritis. I spent about $200 for approx 13 items ($10 of which was tax), but at least I have a good supply of organic diced tomatos on hand - a box of 8 cans should last me for a while. I need a Costco fix every once in a while - I love that place! I did show some restraint though, as there were lots of items I thought about buying but didn't know where I could find room to put them.

To round out my day I checked the propane gauges and emptied the waste tanks.

It is so nice to see the sun today, although I think we will be having a lot more rain during the coming week. I wouldn't mind the rain, but the wind was really blowing it around and I could do without that.

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  1. Congrats on driving again! Good for you, I'm glad that your eye's recovery is doing well.