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Monday, February 23, 2009

I don't have my night vision back--YET!

I drove over to Steve & Megan's for dinner last night. At least I started out before dark, and the rain wasn't too bad, but coming home at 9 pm wasn't so easy. I can see everything except in places it is almost impossible to follow the lines that mark the lanes. Also, when making a left turn on major streets there is usually a concrete island and it is always hard for me to see and clear it. When there is no traffic turning with me I just try to swing wide, sweet chariot! Fortunately for me there was very little traffic, and where possible I just tried to follow another car that I hoped had a driver who could see where they were going! There are those reflectors they put into the street that divide the lanes, but once in a while you can't see them until you are right on them, and I wish the white lines were painted with a reflective paint. I had a nice evening and it's good to know I don't have to be a prisoner in my rig at night, although I really prefer to not drive.

I have been so lucky to have come in contact with many other RVers, via various forums, RV-Dreams Chat Room, etc. One such person is Charles, aka Roz from RV-Dreams. When Charles found out that I would be working at Fort Pulaski near Savannah this coming December, he sent me a couple of books including one about the haunted side of Savannah. There is nothing nicer to do on a rainy afternoon than to sit and read in a nice warm and comfortable RV, which is what I did. I just know I'm going to love being in the Savannah area, both at the Fort where I will be workamping, as well as visiting the beautiful city of Savannah on my off-time. I'm hoping to spot a ghost or two!

Donald programmed and set up my car speaker this afternoon and it seems to work well and the speaker sounds fine. I may run it through the FM radio speakers if necessary, but for the time I'll just leave it alone. You have your choice of languages with this unit, and it comes programmed with UK English. We switched it to American English and it is the screechiest American accent I've ever heard - don't know how long I'll put up with it before I switch to a foreign language. I think I could understand the Mexican Spanish if I had to, or even the Italian.

I don't know why but my eye is bothering me today. It hurts all around the eye as well, and I may end up taking a tylenol/codeine tablet if it gets any worse. I should probably go take a short nap and see if it helps. I did notice that even though it was raining today while I was driving, my eyes feel better when I'm wearing sunglasses outdoors. I'm anxious to get the ones I ordered that have a lighter lens for driving. Well, now I am going to nap!

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  1. Savannah is one of my favorite cities...I love it there! Tybee Island used to be a great place...and probably still is if no one else has discovered it...it was so quiet and peaceful there...but it's been years since I was there...

    Bet your eye was just strained from those wide right turns!!