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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Today looks like a good one

I got out of bed this morning and had no pain in or around my eye, so it must have been something to do with sinus. Whatever the doctor gave me sure worked quickly, but I'll keep taking it for at least a few days more. I am SO relieved it wasn't anything more serious. When you get a sudden terrible pain you immediately begin to think of the worst things it could possibly be. I thought what a bummer it would be if I couldn't continue as a fulltime RVer because of some health issue. I'm back on track anyway, and look forward to the rest of my life!

I cooked oatmeal for breakfast this morning - porridge as it is called in Ireland. I always felt a little like Goldilocks when I ate my porridge for breakfast there - waiting for the 3 bears to burst in at any moment!

And speaking of Ireland, there is a whole long list of words and expressions that are different there, as well as in England I suppose. I catch a few of them when I read the blogs of our Canadian RVer friends. I assimilated back into life in the US pretty quickly once I returned for good, although I still catch myself once in a while going to get into the wrong side of a car. Wrong side is relative, of course, and the Irish always thought it was pretty funny when I mentioned I was in the wrong side of the car and driving on the wrong side of the road. It was right as rain to them!

I returned to the US in April 2003, and about the only thing I really miss is the friendship I had with so many women there. The Irish women are the friendliest and funniest of any I ever knew, and when getting together with several of them you knew your sides would be hurting soon from laughing so much. I always enjoyed sitting at a table in the pub with some of them. We would be cackling with laughter, while the men at the bar would just try to watch us out of the corner of their eye, scowling because they probably wish they could sit with us and share the joke. I'm sure some of them worried the joke was on them.

Yesterday Steve drove me over to the RV park in West Sac where I will be moving on March 2. I filled out the paperwork and picked the site I wanted. It is right in the middle of everything, but at least it's only a few sites away from the laundry. It will only be for a month and then I'll move 100 miles north.

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