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Friday, February 20, 2009

Another Camper in the Family

In an earlier post I mentioned that my son, Steve, was itching to get a camper. He's been looking on Craigslist and a few other sources, and yesterday evening he and Meg went to look at a 1979 truck camper for sale. This afternoon she came home for lunch (he mostly works from home) and wanted to sit on the porch for a few minutes. Soon Steve recognized the guy's truck pull up with the camper van. Meg bought it to surprise him for his birthday (March 1) and asked the guy to deliver it, which he did. I just came back from his house because I just had to check it out! It will be great for them to vacation in - still has the 70's decor, but Meg has already figured out where she will be doing a little decorating, and of course Steve has his own miles of plans. It is really nice and they will both add to it to make it a very fine camper. I think he is planning a trip to Sly Park tomorrow to check it out. He wanted to start out small - something he could use with his F-150, and this is it!

It has a 4 burner propane stove, with oven, a small fridge, and small water tank. He thinks they will mostly be doing boondocking, and in fact we've talked about it often. I think they've already decided to take it when I move to Lassen in June. It will be nice if they have some vacation time so they can enjoy the park before returning home, and it will be a good break-in period for me as well. I count on him for so many little things, and he just knows what is needed and how to set it up or fix it, so I should be in good shape for the summer. So now we are both looking for screen tents - maybe we can find a "two-fer" deal.

So camping runs in our family, except for the fact that Mike gets his fill of camping when he has military duty. He is a captain in the Army (MP) Reserves, is up for promotion to Major, and served a tour in Iraq. He loved camping when he was younger, but I think the Army has changed a lot of that! When his boys get big enough he will have to either reconsider, or to let Grandma take them on a little camping trip! I guess I could scrounge up a tent somewhere. Getting in and out of it would be the problem for me.

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