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Monday, June 1, 2015

My last week in NY

It seems that whenever I say I'm not going to do something, I find myself smack in the middle of it!  Yesterday I stood under a tent in the pouring rain watching the first two games of Joshua's soccer tournament.   The games were about a half hour each, with very little time between the first two, so I only spent an hour or so at the field, then came on home.  I happened to sneeze which made my ribs start hurting, so I came back and used the moist heat which helped a lot.  I had originally decided I wouldn't go, but I could not say no when those big beautiful brown eyes were watching me with expectation.  It was always the same with my four kids who all got their dad's brown eyes.

We didn't do much else all day, and then went to Outback for dinner.  I would have probably loved a steak but they give you way too much food to begin with, and I ordered chicken on the barbie!  It was really tasty and the vegetables were done the way I love them - cooked only until slightly crunchy.  Since I didn't have an appetizer, salad, dessert, etc., I ate everything on my plate and was just at the pleasantly full stage. 

This week is supposed to be rainy off and on, but I need to sneak between the raindrops and clean and organize the inside of my car for the trip.  My son says to not worry, he will help me, but I would like to have a fairly clean slate to start with.  Right now I can't walk by the dining room without looking in on the 2000 pc. puzzle we've started.  I can always find a distraction to take me away from what should be done!

Need I say I absolutely dread the trip back, and I never thought I'd ever reach the point of dreading a trip.  It's going to be long, boring for the most part, and I don't know what kind of weather I will run into in the central part of the south.  And I am already stressed about getting in and out of the Los Angeles area. 


  1. Can't you map yourself through places you'd actually like to go and avoid LA?? Boy I would not be looking forward to doing LA either. In fact, I'd go way out of my way to avoid it. Since you have medicare, have you thought about going to a family doctor there to see if you have cracked your ribs?

  2. Have a safe trip back home and hope those ribs of yours will not bother you.

  3. I've think I have said it before, but your a brave lady driving all those miles
    alone. Bravo, bravo !

  4. I think once you get on your way you will be fine. Didn't you (weather co operating) plan some camping along the way. That is a very long drive but you have done it before just like the hiking you push on. Kids sure do have a way with us don't they.