Eastern Utah
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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Feeling great!

I thought for sure I would have to just vegetate for a week or so after the trip I just finished, but I'm feeling pretty good.  I am used to going to bed fairly early  and getting up early in the morning, and hope to keep it up.  I always feel that way after a trip from east to west, and gaining an hour every few days or so.  

My son Steve and his family stopped by this afternoon to see me before they left for a weekend at Bodega Bay.  He had called me while I was still in Costa Mesa to invite me to join them, but after the long drive I had and the traffic I had to face, my only intent was to get back to my house as quickly as I could.  I have most (not all) of my stuff out of the car but there is still a lot sitting around that I have to put away.  The house looked so uncluttered when I walked into it yesterday but it is back to normal now!

I apologize for the following photos - I know I've photographed this sunset many times but I never get tired of it.  I also know I've posted essentially the same pictures, but here they are again.

I loved going back to my farmers market this morning; I also visited Costco and the grocery, so I'm stocked up with fresh foods.   I can't wait for breakfast tomorrow, including home-brewed coffee.  That is a definite down side to traveling - having to buy coffee that has a burnt taste.


  1. So glad you are safely home. Like they say...there is no place like home!

    I so enjoy the sunset pictures, they are beautiful :)

  2. I love that kind of sky - I've only seen it in Arizona, I think. I can't imagine leaving again so soon, although I like Bodega Bay. But I'd need some down time after a trip like you just took, too. :)