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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I came out alive!

I survived the night and moved on at 6:00 am.  It wasn't all that bad, and it was cheap.  I'm at a Budget Inn this evening that is gorgeous but cost twice the price.  

First of all I had a nervous feeling when the lady who checked me in handed me a towel, a washrag, and a roll of toilet paper!  No soap, and I assumed they had some in the bathroom - not so!  I'm not too paranoid about washing my hands and worrying about germs, but in public places I definitely do, and of course there are times you definitely want to use the soap and water.

I then thought, what if there are bedbugs.  I have never encountered such a bug and in all the motels I've stayed in I didn't even think about it.  But last night I pulled back the bedspread (a rather nice spread, at that), wrapped the bath towel around the pillow, and slept in my clothes - the air conditioning was not working right so I didn't even need a sheet over me.  I hope there weren't any bugs in the bed, and I sure didn't sleep as snug as a bug.

The room was large and decent - the paint was good - but it just looked neglected.  No microwave, but there was a large house-sized fridge in an alcove.  I guess if you lived there you could be comfortable.

This morning there were dark clouds in all directions, but I kept noticing in my rearview mirror the clouds seemed to be ominously dark.  Duh, I have tinted windows back there!  I escaped the day with only a sprinkle now and then, and the very cloudy day which became brighter as I moved west.  I should be in the Land of Enchantment tomorrow.

I decided to change to a different route as I didn't want to have to go through or around Wichita Falls, and I even enjoyed the scenery in the western part of the state.  It is still pretty flat - and I know, there is Texas hill country - but from my vantage point it's flat as a pancake.

So I selected this motel because of a sign outside town telling visitors they had the fastest internet in town, and I believe it.  I even ate a burger and some onion rings across the street at Sonic while waiting for my room to be ready.  I have lost 10# of all that weight I worked so hard to put on, but I'll get it back when I'm at home and cooking again.  I'm resolving to have my main meal at Noon, because if I wait too long to cook then I just don't want anything at all, and lose my appetite.  This room is beautiful, and comfortable, by the way. 

While driving today I came up on several large crows at the side of the road enjoying a bit of roadkill.  As crows usually do, they took flight as my car approached, all except one big guy.  He flexed and ruffled his wings, puffed out his chest, and stood his ground as I went by.  He didn't want to lose his place at the banquet, and it actually made me laugh out loud.  I've always loved to watch crows and this one was a champ!


  1. The more I read about the motels you have stayed in, the more glad I am that I have an RV. Maybe you could have pitched your tent in that room and slept in it.

  2. The sun has risen and the sun has set - and you ain't out of Texas yet !

  3. Are you coming anywhere near Phoenix? Would love to see you again.

  4. We have driven across various areas of Texas & so far the only area I really liked was southwest Texas where Big Bend National Park with it's scenic mountains & Big Bend Ranch State Park are located. Sounds like you are on a roll:))

  5. Those motel/hotel stories can really make anyone appreciate an RV:) Glad you are not having any real problems with accommodations:)

  6. Oh bedbugs, just the thought is awful. I have never been much for the idea of Texas but I've read a lot of blogs that have found some beautiful places there. I think perhaps you have to plan a trip particularly to go to those.

  7. Too bad you are not closer to Del Rio, Texas...I would have loved to have met you in person. Glad you found a motel more to your liking. Have a safe trip home.