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Friday, June 5, 2015

Trying to get moving

I'm not doing a very good job at getting my belongings packed and ready to load into the car.  I can't seem to stick to one task until it's finished.  I guess that isn't too unusual.

Last night I tried to take a selfie with my camera, to show my haircut.  I'm not so good at that because I normally just take regular photos, but here they area:

 If you click the photos to enlarge, you can see the problem I have with a strand of hair getting into my eyes on the left side.  I have never been able to trim my own hair worth a crap, and hope I can find someone to just whack that piece a little shorter.   

I almost feel like getting a super short haircut, but the way some of it curls and some doesn't I'm afraid I would look like a weird creature.

I may not post for a while, or maybe I will.  I won't have internet on the road unless it's at a motel, and I sure hope I can find some decent camping places along the way.  We'll see, I'm too lethargic right now to even care.  An email disagreement with someone (not any of my kids) has me in a terrible slump, and I have to pull myself out of it so I can concentrate on the long drive.


  1. You can't let what someone else says upset you. Remember only you can hurt your own feelings.

  2. I've been known to whack off offending bits of hair. I don't do bangs cause it grows...hangs in my eyes...looks dorky as hell with a little kid hair barrette pinning it out of my eyes until it is long enough to tuck behind my ears or put in a pony tail.

    Stay put until you are calm enough to concentrate on driving. No point in having to be squeegeed up after wrapping yourself around a tree.

  3. I wonder if you actually might like a short doo with some curls and some not. It would be easy to care for and solve the hair in the eyes problem. I comb mine with my fingers now and I just love it. The older I get the less tolerance I have for disagreements. I am afraid I just write off people who annoy me. Isn't that terrible. But I'll bet they are happy to be rid of me.

  4. I love your new hair cut! The little spot on the left side of your bangs, can you brush them to the left? If they are bothering you? And give them a shot of hair spray? I like the way it looks now, though.

    Hope your e-mail disagreement goes away soon. I hate things like that, they're just a little grey cloud over your head. Nice when a good breeze comes through and blows them away. :)

  5. How's about a brush cut. That's what we used to all get as kids & they lasted a long time without a lot of fuss & muss:))

  6. The hair cut isn't bad it's just not what you wanted. I am always whacking something off around my ears and nape to get rid of the curls when I am in need of a trim like now.

    Don't let anyone give you grief Like Sherry I just write them off too.