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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Still in New Mexico

I'm still in the Land of Enchantment.  Since I had to pass by the V/C at White Sands this morning, I exchanged a tank top that I bought and got the next size up.  I think they must run small because I know I've lost weight.   Hahaha, isn't that what you'd expect me to say!  I'm stopped for the night and haven't tried the size Large on yet, but it'll fit, or I'll find someone to give it to.

I'm at a newly remodeled Motel 6 and it's probably the nicest one I've ever stayed at.  Large room, large bathroom area, in fact two separate areas with sinks in both.  I saw a hair dryer, a first for me at a Motel 6, so I will wash my hair in the morning and dry it, plus there is an iron and ironing board.  I was thinking how it is so unnecessary in most cases because I don't know many people who iron (ok, I iron about once a year).  I guess it's like the hair dryer - I can do without it although my hair looks better when I use a dryer.  My clothes would probably look better if I ironed them too!

Please let me have a short rant about the GPS and I'll try to never bring it up again.  I complained that the GPS always tried to route me on an interstate, no matter how much out of the way it took me.  I visited the settings page and changed to "Avoid highways".  Well now, it's doing it's damndest to get me off the interstate, and when I checked the route to see if theirs was a better one, I discovered that it was mostly on unpaved roads.  And also WAY out of the way.  There should be a happy medium, but I don't know what it is.  I'm not sure GPS makers are doing their best with the units designed for cars, since most newer model cars have a built in GPS, and nearly everyone (but me) has one on their cell phones.

I took some photos from the car while traveling past the White Sands missile range - the rock formations are stunning, but somehow the camera missed the stunningness!

One thing that I've noticed ever since Texas is that I've never heard a plane, not a single one.  You'd think with all the AFB's in this part of the country there would be something flying around.

I'm hungry but since it is early and too hot outside, I'll wait a couple of hours and try it.  I'm going to walk to a restaurant I can see from my motel window. 


  1. Just catching up finally. You have been on quite a journey. Your so close yet so far from where I am in the White Mountains. And yes it is very hot everywhere it seems. I sure have enjoyed your pictures.

  2. Gypsy: Do you mind if we include your web site in our favorite sites on our blog site.
    I also noted that you have trouble breathing at higher altitudes. We live at 9,750' which might give you a problem. If in your travels you plan to pass close by us in S. Colorado, let us know and we can perhaps meet and treat you to a meal in Ft. Garland in the San Luis valley. The elevation is much lower there and it is semi arid so you may be able to breathe better. Regards, Bruce McElmurray