Eastern Utah
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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A few more photos

Here are a few more I took - just scenery.  Click to enlarge.  The last two were taken on the Blue Ridge Pkwy.

I'm tired of motels already, but the weather isn't conducive to tenting.  That's why I need a teardrop camper (or similar).

I think I'm losing weight - the big belly I hated but couldn't get rid of seems to be shrinking.  I know I'm not eating right, but I hope I don't lose too much more before I get back home.

Speaking of home, darn it, I left my ruby slippers there.  Otherwise I would click my heels together and say 3 times, "I wanna go home."   What is happening to me?  Is my name still Gypsy?



  1. Visit the area around Monticello

  2. Well, you aren't in Kansas anymore, Toto! ;)

  3. Aunt Happy used to be a gypsy also. She traveled the world. but as she got older that desire to wander waned. Staying home became a good thing. I think it happens to all of us eventually.

  4. If you decide to stop traveling and sit at home, you will go nuts just being at home all the time.

  5. Maybe traveling closer to home would make you happy. I love to be on the go but closer to home like with in 4-5 hrs. I know after packing up the truck I need a camper this is a pain. I bet you would love a tear drop, and you can pull it with your car. I might start looking at them too.

  6. What about slowing down and thoroughly get to know each place and make friends on the way and then maybe you wont be so sick of travelling and so keen to get home!