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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Some statistics

I traveled a total of 7,846 miles between April 2nd and June 26, about 86 days.   I didn't take the side trips I normally try to take, with the weather being the major cause in most cases.  I am so glad I got to see Dinosaur National Monument and the Eleanor Roosevelt "cottage", and of course the drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway and through the northeastern Georgia mountains.   The real surprise to me was how much I enjoyed being at the beach communities of Costa Mesa and Huntington Beach.  The weather was perfect, daytime in the 70's, and the area is really attractive, especially at the beach.  Note that I am normally not a "beach person" at all!  I am also very pleased that I made the appointment with Dr. Bergman and then managed to be there for it - not an easy task when having to drive so many miles with the uncertainty of the weather.

Will I ever do it again?  Well, I'm fond of saying "That's it - I'm finished - I am never going to drive long distance again (go backpacking, etc.).  Then after I think about it for a while and the negative side of the event dims in memory, I'm raring to go again.  Get back up on that horse, Gypsy!   I just hope the aging process holds off enough that I can continue to do what I like to do, in moderation naturally, although I've never been known to do things in moderation.  When I decide I'm going to do something I usually just jump right in and muster up all the energy and determination I have.

Speaking of Dr. Bergman, he gave us a referral of a corrective chiropractor in Sacramento, actually close to Jeannie's neighborhood.  I looked at his website and checked all the reviews, and I think he will be fine.  I'm going to call first thing tomorrow morning and make an appointment, as I want to get on with this.

And tomorrow morning I will visit my regular hairdresser who will hopefully give me a cut I can live with and manage myself!  Life is looking so good all the way around.


  1. That really is a lot of miles of driving. But oh the wonderful places you got to see. That gypsy blood won't let you sit for too long without shaking you up again.

  2. After all the planning and waiting, it seems weird that you're home and things are back to normal. And I'm sure you'll start planning something else in a while. It doesn't have to be cross country, though! LOL

  3. Yes the saying goes Never Say Never! I glad to hear you say these things and maybe when your ready to hit the road again you will have a Little Guy Teardrop.
    Hope your hair dresser makes you happy with your hair.

  4. I very much admire your get up and go. Amazing trip.

  5. I too tend to say...never again...and like in your case after the negative memories fade...I jump right back in that saddle.

    Good luck with the new doctor and with the hairdresser.