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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Ready to Roll

I'm just about ready to go when Mike packs up my car in an organized way.  I'll try to leave 1st thing in the morning, but I want to brew some coffee to take along in a thermos, and by then everyone will be getting up.  I still hope to leave early and avoid a lot of traffic in the morning.

I watched half a soccer game each of Josh and Justin - Sandy and I switched at half time so we both got to see them both play.  I will be glad to not have to go to any more soccer games for a while.

This morning we finished the 2000 piece puzzle:

It was a difficult one to put together, and I would say Sandy was the driving force in completing it before I left.  I never thought we would finish it that soon.  Click to enlarge the photo, but you can't imagine how big it really is - well, 2000 pieces should be an indicator.  I am good at working them but only in certain light, preferably bright daylight.  It's fun and challenging, and between puzzles and crosswords I try to keep my brain in working order.  It's still working pretty well but no doubt at a slower pace.

My thanks to the many folks who have offered to welcome me if I stopped nearby on my trip.  I was hampered by the weather on the way here, and hampered by time and the fact that I have to meet an appointment in southern CA on my way back.  I'm not letting myself think about driving in the greater Los Angeles area, up the Grapevine on I-5, and going through the smaller towns along Rt. 99, such as Merced, Modesto, Stockton, etc.  I'll just try to keep cool and drive at my pace rather than the California pace.

I'll post when I can along my long trip, and will say Adios for now!


  1. Have a safe trip and update along the way, if you can.

  2. Have a wonderful adventure on your way West. I just saw on the news that Sun City (a senior area on the west side of Phoenix) puts a 33,600 piece puzzle in their clubhouse for people to work on during the summer months. Can you imagine 33,600 pieces? That would be a challenge. Guess it comes in grids which would make it a little easier.

  3. Hope your journey home is a wonderful one. Safe, enjoyable!

  4. Congrats on the puzzle and safe trip on your journey. Enjoy it!

  5. safe travels and may the weather be on your side this time. Maybe you'll find some nice places along the way to camp. If the timeline gets to be to much call and change your apt.

    I'll be pulling out on the 14th don't know what kind of internet I'll have there

  6. If your travels take you thru extreme eastern Tennessee - would love to see and meet you -- after all we have been friends for a very long time!!

  7. Enjoy your trip and Get home safely.

  8. Take your time and rest whenever you feel the need. Any appointment can be rescheduled if necessary. Good luck for a safe drive.