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Monday, June 29, 2015

Another great day!

Not great from the weather aspect though.  At 7 pm it's still 99 degrees and I was gone during the coolest part of the day so I didn't get the swamp cooler turned on until late afternoon.  I'm going to take a beer outside and sit in the shade on the driveway, or wait for the sun to go down to see if the porch cools off.

I ran a lot of errands from about 9am on - got my mail delivery resumed at this address, got my hair cut, etc.  I love the cut this time, and went a bit shorter than usual because of the heat.

The best part was meeting the chiropractor Dr. B. referred me to here in Sac.  I really like him and think I'm going to be doing well under his care.  I miss the exuberant personality of Dr. Bergman though.  I have my second appointment scheduled for next Tuesday, and I guess we will discuss the finances of this treatment plan - not a pleasant thought right now.  I'm going to call my credit union in the morning and see if I can get their advice on it.  I might have to sacrifice my travel fund, but I vow to do whatever it takes.

I asked the Dr. about going back to the gym and what I should avoid doing - rats, the thing I like best and shouldn't do is the bench pressing and some of the machines that provide the same type of lifting.  There will come a time when I can do it though.  Toward the end of the appointment he did some adjustments, and while they don't hurt, it comes as a bit of a shock.  I swear I feel better already after the adjustment made by Dr. B., and I hope this one today will just add to my improvement.  Interestingly, I found out that one leg is 1/2" shorter than the other, which adds to my posture problems.  It's all fixable and I'm 100% optimistic!

 That's it for today.  Hope you are surviving the crazy weather wherever you are.  I'm so tired of the heat, and have been thinking about how comfortable I was near the beach!   I sure couldn't afford to live there and really wouldn't want to, but it was a lovely time for me, and perfect weather.



  1. It's 8 p.m. and still 101 here. That's the one thing I really don't like about it down here. It doesn't cool off at night. At least in Montana it cools off down into the 60's most of the time. Jim really got relief when he used to go to the chiropractor before his back surgery. I had one treatment but the adjustment just scared me to death.

  2. Glad you found something that helps you.

  3. Hope you describe this new treatment as you go through it.
    Sounds interesting.
    Trying to understand why it's so expensive.... More than a chiropractic treatment?

  4. It seems to me that the heat gets more unbearable as I become older. Glad you like your new chiropractor, I know that liking a health care professional does wonders, at least in my treatments.

  5. Oh that heat sounds awful. I'm whining when it's 89 here. I lived a block from the Atlantic in Virginia Beach years ago and should never have left. I really loved being there. Glad your adjustments are helping. Interesting how many people have one leg shorter than the other. David has that too.

  6. I'm not sure if my legs were the same length or not, but I'm guessing that the hip replacement left me a little cock-eyed. It's probably why I have such a bad time with my back now. :(

  7. When I went to the chiropractor, the charges were covered under Medicare. Hopefully your treatments will be, too.

    I have one leg shorter than the other, too. All of the corrections that have been made in the last few years have only made my pain worse. I am swearing off everything for awhile.

  8. Well I hope you continue to feel better. Good hair cuts are nice wish I could find someone to fix mine.
    We are having lots of storms in AZ now and the power was off for a bit a little while ago. But it sure does cool things down.

  9. I had my first beer in a couple of years yesterday in Lunenburg, NS at the waterfront museum watching the boats go by. It was good:)