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Thursday, June 18, 2015

UFO Museum

I finally got to the UFO Museum, after finding a laundromat and doing all my laundry.  I have about two weeks worth of clothes and they were just about all dirty, so I'm relieved to have that  job completed, and I've packed the two duffle bags I carry my clothes in and they are ready to be stowed in the car.

I've enjoyed the relaxation at the motel, the handy location, and just taking a longer time between driving days.  Tomorrow I'm going to see what I can see at White Sands National monument and I've already arranged for lodging, with a possible destination for the following day as well.  I'm terrified of the day I reach Los Angeles, as well as the day I leave it, but I know it's something I have to do and it will be OK.

I didn't stay a long time at the Museum as much of the material presented I have either seen on TV or researched on the internet.  I always wanted to visit Roswell, but I think it has changed over the years and tried to become a more upscale tourist destination.  Anyone who knows me and how I've changed after I retired, there is absolutely nothing upscale about me now!

I only took two photos, and they aren't really all that representative of the UFO story, but artists' renditions of what they might look like.

There was a time when I didn't believe in the existence of aliens, and especially those who might have figured out how to visit our planet.  I've changed over the years and don't rule anything out about anything at all.  My way of looking at everything under the sun is that "it might be true, or maybe not".   The less we hang on to absolutes the better we are able to handle what comes along.

So I've never seen a UFO and at this stage in my life I don't think I want to!  But I believe many other people have.

I had a big burger for lunch and now I'm getting sleepy.  There really isn't anything else I want to do or see in this area, at least nothing to get me to leave the A/C comfort of my room to go out into the hot car.  I did drive to Target and was so disappointed that they didn't have anything on my list.  So far I believe the Target I go to in CA has the best selection of products.  I don't buy groceries there except once in a while a natural brand of pop tarts that use no sugar, but sweeten the poptarts with fruit juice.  No artificial ingredients or anything I can't pronounce!  Of course this target didn't carry them.  I almost picked up a bag of Hershey kisses but thought better of it considering they would be sitting in the hot car while I had lunch.

I'm going to sprawl out on the king sized bed and rest my eyes for a moment.

Thanks to everyone who leaves comments on my blog, and a special thanks to Linda A.  It was what I needed to hear, and I think I will really appreciate being home for a while.


  1. Since a UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Objects, I have seen one. It was a red ball of light that came over the western horizon and disappeared in the light of a full moon. Since I have no idea what it was and couldn't identify it, then it has to be an Unidentified Flying Object. Which means that it could have been a plane made here on earth or one made elsewhere. I have no idea. I wish that there were a rewind button on happenings in our lives. If there were, I would play it back as often as it takes to figure out what it was. That was back '60's.

  2. "The less we hang on to absolutes the better we are able to handle what comes along". I like that line & totally agree with your way of thinking. Although I have never seen a UFO either I sure do want to see one & I keep looking for them all the time. I am pretty much convinced they are out there........

  3. UFO museum sounds exciting, I too do not rule out their existence though I have never seen one either.

  4. I’ve never been to Roswell or actually had much of a desire to go. UFO and extra terrestrials have never interested me although I did like ET.  I never have much incentive to go out if it’s hot outside.

  5. We have passed by that museum, maybe we cn stop next time:)