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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Getting rid of aches and pains

I mentioned in a recent post that about a week after my falls my ribs started to hurt.   I wrote to the chiro I will be seeing soon and asked if there is any alternative to taking meds, and he mentioned moist heat for 10 min. at a time.  The heating pad I bought is great, and using it in the morning for 10 minutes gives me great relief all day, although the ache is still there.  

I was using the heat  pad this morning while lying in bed, and my youngest grandson came  in.  I explained about the heating pad, and he ran to get a pad out of the closet that fits a chair, so I tried it out.  I sat on the pad which covers the back and seat of the chair, and he turned it on.  All I could do was giggle at first, and then I was laughing out loud, and then it turned to a cackle!  What fun.  He kept changing the program so I got to experience all the various things it would do, and he added the heat as well.

His other grandmother sat in the chair and when he turned it on she actually leaped up and out of the chair in shock!  Who knew you could have fun and laugh while alleviating pain.

Now everyone is outdoors working at cleaning up, watering plants, etc.  The boys are at each other as they usually are, so I came back in the house.  I'm getting weary of the bickering, although I'm sure they get satisfaction and enjoyment out of tormenting each other.  But I've stayed about my limit and need to be on the road again.

I mistakenly thought the soccer tournaments were on Saturday, but it turns out they will be tomorrow.  Everyone just made a trip to the Mall and while there are a few items I need from Target I decided to stay home and enjoy the quiet.  I'm going to sit and read for a while.


  1. Remember when, our mothers got tired of our bickering, made us sit on chairs next to each other and hold hands until we apologized to each other. We didn't do much picking at each other.

  2. You have stayed way past the amount of time my patience would allow for bickering and whining. I'm done in after a week.

  3. I missed all that when I was growing up as an only child. Yes, of course I am spoiled and still am (grin).

  4. Yes I would have been bonkers already with the bickering. I have the moist heating pad and one of those pillows with the heat and vibration. I have been using it faithfully since I pulled the muscle in back and ribs. I use the moist heat first them the vibrating pad it has been a god send let me tell you. It's a little harder to get the ribs with the vibrating cushion.

  5. Your grandson must of gotten a kick out of making you laugh while using the heating pad! I sure hope you get to feeling better soon.

    Being an only child, I had no one to bicker with. As an adult I had no patience with my friends children bickering or whining...a made a beeline for the door.

  6. Your youngest grandson is a smart cookie. I'd like to find one of those pads myself. The bickering stuff is what my new son-in-law's brothers do and it really is tiring. I find myself not wanting to spend so much time around them which is unfortunate. Somehow I don't find criticizing and one upmanship funny. Sure hope you didn't do a little hairline crack to your ribs.