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Thursday, June 4, 2015


I walked into a hairdresser salon this morning to get my hair cut.  It was last trimmed in late March, before I left Sacramento, and I was looking pretty shaggy.  Since I won't be able to see my regular hairdresser until early July I decided to get something in the interim.

I did not like it at all.  I mentioned how I wanted the front cut a bit shorter because it seems to grow faster than the rest, and that was the main reason I decided to get it cut now.  When I feel my hair on my eyebrows I keep wanting to push it off, and why won't they just listen to what the customer wants!  It looks ok right now because she spent 15 minutes styling it, but I hate to think of what I will do with it.  Oh well, I can live with it for a few weeks.  I nearly fell to the floor when they told me that would be $45!  That's way overpriced considering I had washed my hair in the shower before leaving and it was still wet, and it was just a trim after all.  But I paid it and got the hell outta there, reminding myself to not ever go back.

Yesterday I bought a 6-pack of Klondike bars at the grocery, and have eaten two of them so far.  Now and then I need ice cream and this was one of the days!


  1. I'm a lover of the reece's peanut butter Klondike bar. Or I was that is. Do they have a franchise called Hair Cuttery near you? Hair cuts with wash are $18 and they do a decent job. That's where I went and she did exactly what I told her to. I don't like my hair near my eye brows or in my eyes either. That's why I don't have bangs. You just can't keep them out of your eyes. Guess you don't want to show us your cut if you don't like it.

  2. I just bought a box of a dozen bars. They are a combination of either vanilla or chocolate ice-cream on a stick. You know, they are half the size and cost a lot more than the ones I remember from when I was a kid. Oh well, think I will eat at least two of them tonight.

  3. Ouch! That is way out of my budget too. I hate when they don't listen. Customer is King and all that ???

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  4. And oh yes, haircuts. I remember those. I quit getting my hair cut after I turned 65 or so. Now, I am just an old hippy (grin).

  5. Haircuts on the road are always a dreadful surprise. :( I went to a lady barber (red pole and all) here in Brookings, and she actually listened. She did a good job, and even only charged me the men's rate since my hair is short. Hooray! ($15)

  6. I have similar hair problems if you can imagine. Kelly's been cutting my hair for the past 22 years & if I walked into a barber shop & was told today's prices it would probably leave me gasping for air.......

  7. OH yes the bad over priced hair cuts. I make sure I know how much they charge before I even get in the chair. I never like the way they cut my hair but at least it's only 15- $18. I had a really awful hair cut once in one of those over priced places an swore never again.

  8. I usually hate my hair cuts when they get done but every once in awhile I lucky out. However I am only paying $11 for them and I figure you get what you pay for so I can't complain too loud. And it does grow out.

  9. Now I remember why I haven't been to a hair cutting emporium for three decades! I have a nice pair of Hoffritz hair scissors that keeps my bangs out of my eyes for me, and the back doesn't grow very fast. Long live Scunci hairbands!

    Virtual hugs,