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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Counting Down!

I have only tonight and tomorrow night on the road and will then be in the area of Huntington Beach for 3 nights.  I leave on next Friday morning and just hope I don't run into a heavy commute, but I'm so close to the end of this trip now I can deal with it.  I will have nothing in the house to eat, so it will be necessary to make a quick trip to a couple of places to pick up some basics, although I could probably get by for a day or so.  I think I have a few things left in my freezer, but of course, nothing fresh.

I had to stop at Border Patrol checkpoints twice today, but both waved me through.  The second one asked me if I had anyone in the car with me, but that was it.  I wouldn't tell anyone but if I did run across a couple of illegals I might offer them some water.  This heat is ungodly and I hate to think of people trying to get anywhere on foot.  It was 106 when I stopped for the day, and at 4pm it is on its way up to 109!  I'm starting to get hungry but don't know if I could stand to get back into the car right now.

Note to Bruce:  I would be flattered if you want to include my site among your favorites on your blog (http://brucecarolcabin.blogspot.com)..  Also, thanks for the invitation to visit.  I don't know when I'll get to Colorado, but would very much like to visit the state in the next year or two.  I don't think I mentioned a problem with breathing at high altitudes, but one of the bloggers, Jo from Phoenix, recently had issues in the higher elevations.  But then, I can't really say what is the highest altitude I've been.

I am starting to feel more optimistic and invigorated, and really don't know why.  It couldn't be the heat, could it?  I was thinking today that I'm glad I don't have a dog with me.   I might try to find one (or might not) when I get back to Sacramento, but I would never bring him or her into this kind of heat.  Of course, Sac isn't much better.   By the time I get home we will have triple digits as well.


  1. 109 just the thought makes me swoon. It's 94 in the foothills of Virginia and I am SO glad I"m up in the mountains where it is about 10 degrees less than that with a wonderful breeze. Hoping for the best for you as you near the big city.

  2. Maybe it's the horse smelling the barn syndrum ;-) you know you are closer to home and relaxation! Sure hope you will be able to sleep in your own bed soon.

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  4. Glad you will be home before the 4th of July travelers hit the road !

  5. I know your journey is just about over and you will be glad to be done. It is a good idea to take a few days off the road to rest up. Just to let you know I live in Tucson which is even a little lower in altitude than Phx. I am getting better but I will only do day trips to the higher elevations this trip.