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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

What do I do now? (UPDATED)

So I arrived in Roswell.  After checking into the motel, the first thing I did was to find a Jiffy Lube to get an oil change.  The "Maint.Req'd" light had been on and was driving me crazy.  All is ok now and I resisted Jiffy's list of things I could and  should have done.  They showed me a pretty grim looking cabin air filter that was filled with leaves, seeds from spring flowering trees, etc., and I did get that replaced.  They mentioned I had an engine oil leak but didn't really try to sell me on that fix, so I interpreted that to mean I can make it to my regular mechanic for service.

After driving for days on roads with little or no traffic, I'm overwhelmed with Roswell.  If I can get my nerve up to go out in this heat, I will probably walk to find a place to eat.   To find museums and the Visitor's center will require a trip in the car which I'm just not ready for.  It's very tempting to make a beeline for Sacramento and just rest and relax for a while.  If someone wants to tell me I should get out and explore, smell the roses, get to know the place I'm in, etc., just know that I have seen many full time RVers reach the point I'm at right now.  I'm sure it applies to anyone who drives a little or a lot to see the country, find new places, meet new people, etc.  There comes a time that you know you're finished with it, even though you know full well you will miss it like crazy sometimes.  I hope to travel shorter distances, say within 500 miles or so, but no more of the long arduous drives for me from now on.  I no longer am interested in viewing historical markers by the side of the road, looking around spruced up old towns and visiting the trendy little shops, etc.  No more visiting National Parks for a while at least - I'm just too weary to want to do any of that.

I would like to set up my tent the next few nights, but I know I would have to get up to an elevation that's cooler than it is here!

I have been passing by a lot of oil drills in the fields and got this photo of one (you've seen one, you've seen them all).  The first two pictures were just an attempt to photograph the sky in Texas through the windshield.  I can assure you it looked way more ominous to me.

I took the drill through the passenger side window and couldn't get it without part of the door frame showing.  

I might put my walking shoes on and get out a bit, but I doubt there is much to photograph along this strip which is mainly businesses.  I would have loved to have seen the 1947 version of Main Street Roswell! 

I apologize for the "down" tone of my post.  I needed something to eat!  I dodged 4 lanes of steady traffic and went to the Denny's across the road and ate way more than I thought I could eat - now life is looking a lot better.  But still no more long road trips for my future - at least that's what my crystal ball is showing right now.


  1. That isn't drilling, but rather, it is just pumping oil out of the ground.

  2. Food does wonders for me when I'm feeling grouchy or down. I must be grouchy or down most of the time. lol After we got back from our Virginia trip last year I really wanted to stay put also. Once we started west I just wanted to get here. Love the cloud pictures.

  3. A good meal is certainly a good way to improve your outlook:)

  4. Give yourself credit.......you've covered a lot of miles in the last few months.
    I think your a gutsy lady !
    Home will look good, even if it is hot. I know because we live in central Calif
    Safe travels to you. 😊

  5. It's true that when one is hungry, things don't look the same as when one has just eaten a nice meal. You do have to trust yourself to know what you want.

  6. Those oil things always make me think of grasshoppers. I understand how you feel about traveling. Little by little I've just wanted short hops between campsites. No more long drives for me. And I want to stay longer where I am. I'm also starting to fee less safe when I overnight at Wal-Marts. All in all, within a year or so I'd bet I have a home base and use The Palms for short trips. That's starting to sound better and better! :) PS - my last husband, a dear, sweet man, becomes a real grouch when he's hungry. I think it's a low sugar thing?

  7. Food always makes a difference in my outlook. I am glad you are out of Texas because we have been having way too much rain, flooding and severe storms and I certainly did not want to see you get caught up in it.

  8. Since my bout with illness I have no desire to go anywhere.. weird, just want to stay in my little home and water the yard and fiddle in the garden