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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Another sweltering day- UPDATED

I'm waiting for the "cooler weather" in the mid to upper 90's comes along.  Lord how I hate hot weather!

I've spent the last couple of afternoons at Jeannie's house - Ara flew back to Philly last night and I wanted to spend some time with her.  We mostly sat out by the pool - I didn't go in as I tried on my suit and it is too small.  When you don't have a raft, here is a good alternative: (click to enlarge).

Ara bought me a juicer which was delivered yesterday, so we tried it out - I think I'm going to like it after all.  It leaves a big mess to clean up, but maybe that's because so many of us were getting into the act.  I decided to drink fresh juice every day as Dr. B. said it cleans out the arteries, and goodness knows I've had problems with my arteries in the past.

I would like to respond to Linda A's question about why chiro treatment is so expensive.  I think just going now and then for an adjustment would not be any more than going to a regular doctor (considering you would walk away from the MD with a handful of prescriptions.  I went to Dr. B. for a comprehensive series of tests, scans, xrays, etc. and a diagnosis.  I will be going for regular treatment for about 6 months, and then I'm sure I'll go back for periodic visits.  Initially I will be going for something like 3 times a week, but I will find out the schedule and the total cost on Tuesday.

I have had two adjustments, and I can see an improvement in my feet already.  I have been unable to wear any kind of shoes besides my Birkenstock sandals for most of the time.  I wear sneakers to the gym and my feet hurt so bad in them.  I'll have to say my hiking boots didn't hurt a bit (they are Lowe brand boots).  As I started to explain, I no longer notice any foot pain at all when I wear the sneakers to the gym to walk on the treadmill.  I have no other explanation for it, except that my spine will grandually be adjusted and in proper alignment, and all the little aches and pains will eventually ease or go away completely.  

I'm certain there are folks reading this who have discovered the wonders of chiropractic care, and others with an extreme bias against it.  I said in a previous post, I am not trying to convince or convert anyone to this method, but I will tell you what I experience as it unfolds.  Maybe there is someone out there who is at their wit's end with health problems and all the doctors do is run expensive tests and prescribe medications to mask the real problem.  I'd say it's worth a try, although it's important to choose the correct chiropractor as they also run the gamut from pretty dismal to excellent.    Also, I can't count the number of little aggravations that have disappeared since I threw out all the OTC stuff - Benadryl, Aleve, aspirin, omneprazole, cough and sinus meds, Claritin, etc.  If anyone is interested in what led me to my own feelings and change of heart about it, please email me privately and I'd be glad to share some links with you.

So Venus and Jupiter are together in the evening skies, and I go out on the porch after dark to see them.  It sure is a beautiful sight, although I think it's difficult to really see because they seem to "dance", at least in my less than great vision.  The photo I tried to take didn't come out so well so I just deleted it from the camera.

I just spent quite some time preparing vegetables and fruit to make the juice.  I got the juicer assembled quickly and easily and began to "feed it".  I have never made such a mess in my life!  I don't abhor making a big mess, but this became a real joke pretty fast.  I finally got about 16 oz. of juice and decided to stop.  My back hurt from all the cutting and prepping I did, and the fact that the counter isn't at the optimum height for such a job.  I drank the juice and decided I need a muscle relaxant.  Wonder how long I should wait between the healthy juice and a healthy beer!


  1. When my back aches after chopping and cutting to get things ready for dinner, I really do think about going to a chiropractor. I just can'tg et over my fear - that's about the only way I can describe it. And I've seen the wonderful work they did on Jim. I'm just glad you are getting some relief. In another five or six months you will feel like a whole new person.

  2. Maybe a little vodka in the juice would make you feel better. I haven't had a drink of alcohol in many years and you know, I don't miss it all. . now.

  3. The pool looks great! kids can invent anything out of anything.
    I think once you get used to using your juicer you won't make such a mess. Hope you start feeling the effects of the juice

  4. I went through the juicer thing for a while, but always felt hungry an hour or so later.

    I'm afraid if I went to a chiropractor he'd pop my hip replacement out of its socket. My past experiences haven't been very helpful.

  5. I agree with you that it is VERY important to go to a good chiropracter. They can do wonders but a bad one or even a mediocre one can cause problems. My chiropractic care was covered under my insurance and is covered under medicare so for me it's the same as a "regular" doctor and a lot more successful. So glad to hear you are doing well. Not sure how the juice of foods is better for you than just the raw foods although I suppose you eat more vegetables and fruits that way but then again, you throw away all the fiber and that actually can't be good.

  6. "Wonder how long I should wait between the healthy juice and a healthy beer!" You are suppose to wait!?!? I would have drank the juice and chased it with a beer!

    There is a time and place for every medical specialty/philosophy.