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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday rest

But only for part of the day, as I'm planning a visit to the gym this evening.

With not much to write about today, I took a couple of photos of the sorts of things I find when my grandchildren are here.  Note that two of them are able to write, and while the others know their letters they haven't left me any notes.

On the left is a note from granddaughter Alyssa (Joe's); the middle one is from Arianna, and on the right is Autumn's (Jeannie's daughters).   The second photo is hard to read because it's on a yellow post-it note against a white cabinet.  The third is a little picture drawn by Keira (Joe's youngest) and I found it stuck to my closet mirror in the bedroom.  The photo didn't turn out so well, and you might be able to notice me in the background taking the picture.  Ignore my unmade bed in the background!  (Please click to enlarge the pictures.)

My grandchildren are all so sweet and I love having them come over.  Joe's girls are totally fascinated with my wooden spring clothes pins, and I let them play with them when they are here.  Alyssa likes to decorate them and many have been adorned with tiny pictures she's drawn with a marker.   I've been thinking that the next one with a birthday might be getting a package of clothespins from Grandma!  I'm chuckling to think of what the birthday party crowd would think of it - they'd wonder why I haven't been put in a home yet.


  1. Notes and pictures from the grands are the best! My fridge is adorned with a few of those, and they always make me smile when I see them.

  2. I declare Gypsy you have wonderful children and grandchildren. I can sure see why you have settled near them all. Those are the cutest notes. What fun for you to find them. May they always adore you!

  3. How cute is that! Isn't it amazing how they find fun in the simplest things? :)

  4. There is nothing more precious than grandchildren.

  5. I have a box of drawing done my my grand kids. I have some fish hanging from the ceiling in my computer room that are at least 20 yrs old. I love looking at them and remembering how little they were and now how grown.

  6. I like to rest on Sundays, but today I had to cut the grass and start the motorhome checklist of stuff for our next trip.

  7. I think the birthday/Christmas present of clothes pins is wonderful - something they will always remember, even if it does seem strange at the outset.

    To go with the clothes pins: A set of the thin-pointed magic markers for drawing lines, and some thicker ones for filling in skies and water.

    Adding some tubes of something sparkly, and maybe a small baggy with cotton balls, toothpicks, small buttons, some white glue, sand, tiny bits of gravel, string, blunt scissors, dried parsley, etc., could really start the creative juices going.

    I remember as a kid always lusting for a woodburning kit. My father was a cabinet maker, so there was always plenty of scrap wood around to be had.

    Probably kids have a gut feel to create things, and so many of today's "toys" stifle creativity by requiring only that they push a button to employ a robot of some kind to do something on a screen.

    Having actually done something to produce a thing of which one can be proud is a desire and skill that is all too quickly disappearing.

    Virtual hugs,


  8. I think they are adorable. You are a very blessed lady having such wonderful family.