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Thursday, June 5, 2014


But it's not as hot as it's going to get later in the week.

My fuel tank was pretty low so I got an early start to Costco.  The gas cost a lot more than the last time I fueled up, which was around the 1st of April before my hernia repair.  I didn't want to take a chance on driving while I was taking pain pills, and it just happened at that time Jeannie's car was in the shop waiting for a part.  It worked out perfectly and she drove it for a few weeks, then returned it to me with a full tank which I've been driving on ever since.

In front of Costco was parked the cutest little car I've ever seen - a Fiat but unfortunately I didn't write down the model #.  The MSRP is just under $20k, and the reason I like it so well is that it isn't over-burdened with technological devices.  I didn't see a built-in GPS, which is fine because I wouldn't want to be distracted by a screen in the middle of the dashboard.  I affix my Garmin to the driver's side window in a sweet spot where I can see it at a glance but it doesn't block the view out of my side window or the side mirror.  The spec sheet didn't give an estimated MPG which surprised me, but not to worry - I'm not buying a $20,000 vehicle.  Costco displays a different car every week, and this is the first one I've seen that I'd be tempted to check out further, that is, if I had the money and was in the market for a new car.   What I'd love to have is either an F-150 or maybe an F-250, full cab, short bed truck, with tow package already installed.

I've had a pineapple sitting on my counter since the weekend, waiting to ripen.  Today was the day!  I attacked it and butchered it quite proper!  I never could cut a fresh pineapple although I've watched others slicing them up in perfectly uniform chunks and with ease.  Donald has a device that drills the core right out, but to me slicing the outer skin is the hard part.  I'm not good with devices anyway - he also has a nifty corkscrew that looks effortless and easy to use.  I never could figure the damn thing out.  Just so you know, I really am a smart person, but my mind works in a logical straightforward way a lot of the time ( but not even most of the time).  I just like to do things the old-fashioned way.  If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

The pineapple tastes so good and sweet I'm not sure there will be any left to fry with my ham slice for dinner.   Even with the trouble of cutting it up I think I won't be able to avoid buying one every week. 

Last night was gym night and I did a modified (shorter) workout although I worked hard.  Just before we left Donald decided he wanted to try to bench press 250# (he had earlier gotten up to 225#).  Jeannie spotted him, and doggone if he didn't lift that 250# monster four times.  I can't even lift the bar that holds the weights (45#), so I pick lighter bars to work out with.  I'll let you know when I get to 45# but it won't be anytime soon.


  1. Now you've got me wishing I had a pineapple!

  2. The car is likely a Fiat 500. It's a little thing and probably not much good for anything except running around town. Hard to beat a fresh pineapple. Yummy!

  3. Those Fiats are really cute but I would be so closed in I would be screaming in no time. lol

    I don't even remember the last time I had a fresh pineapple. Sounds so good.

  4. Pineapples rule! ;-> Welcome to the club!

    Virtual hugs,

    Judie < -- has two on the counter