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Monday, June 2, 2014

For some reason I just didn't feel like doing a thing yesterday, and just sat around the house.  I did get to the gym this afternoon and had a quick workout, which I really needed.

Today (other than going to the gym) I have spent most of the day doing laundry and bringing some genealogy up to date.  I have quite a lot of entries to make and it takes time to type them, proofreading as I go.

I think the pain in my shins is definitely due to the shoes I wear, mostly Birkenstocks, which have never before given me a moment's trouble.  The runners I wear some of the time also cause slight pain in my shins.  I don't have it at all when I go barefoot.  I HATE  going barefoot - I think I must have been about 4 yrs old when I stepped on a bee.  From that day I wear shoes outside as well as indoors.   I would like to resume walking with a little jog thrown in, but wonder about my shoes.

I weigh myself when I go to the gym, and I gained 6 oz since my last visit.  I've just started keeping records, but it looks like I'm gaining 6-8 oz a week.  I'm happy with that, and have about 8# to my target weight.

I'd like to thank Nancy for her link to "Clothespin Art",  and also Judilyn for suggestions on art supplies to go with the clothespins.  I'm going to visit Michael's soon and see what I can pick up.  The kids will be so surprised.  When I hung my clothes on the line today I found so many pins that were decorated with tiny little flowers and things drawn on them with markers.  They are so cheerful and make a repetitive task fun, wondering what I was going to pull out of the bag next.

A few days ago the weather forecast was for some reasonable (80's) temps this coming week.  They fibbed, and now it looks like a week or longer of temps close to or in the 100's.  But for this evening it looks like the beautiful Delta breeze will keep things cooled off.


  1. What a great idea.
    ..clothespin art! I think it will be a good rainy day project with the grand tots....

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  2. I hope you find some comfortable shoes for your walking/jogging.

    You do a lot of laundry...maybe if I kept up with mine it would not become such a chore :-(

    Aren't temperatures in the 100's not common for your area? Stay cool, I think it is going to be long hot summer!

  3. http://www.vivobarefoot.com/

    I have 2 of their model shoes. It gives me a rubber sole and just enough padding to be comfortable. They are real shoes, too, so you can wear socks with them if you want. I found mine on sale at Amazon. I also have barefoot shoes from a couple of other places, and I like all of them. The Vibram 5-fingers are comfortable for the most part, but I can't wear socks at all with them, and they are frowned upon (forbidden) at work. The others I can get away with. The 5-finger model I have has a nice, thick sole, so I use those to hike. When I job (which I did today for a few feet!) I run differently, and the impact doesn't really register, and NO shin pain.

  4. I'd love to change shoes with you. Well rather feet. Something has caused an electric feeling in my toes and it is made worse by going barefoot which is my preferred way to be. I hate shoes and now I have to wear them all the time. My advice as a runner of some years is to go to a running shop,not a shoe store, where they will have you run a bit and look at how your feet hit the pavement and pick a shoe for you. It won't be cheap but it will make all the difference in your shins. I can pretty much guarantee it.