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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Making camping plans

My kids and I want to get together for a camping weekend sometime in June.  Steve, Liam and I took a drive up I-80 and looked at a State park site as well as one in the National Forest.   These pictures were taken at a reservoir at the state location.  (Click on a picture to enlarge it.)

I didn't get into the water as it was freezing!

I took a couple of photos at the NF campground but it is difficult to really get see how they are laid out, and when we stay there I'll take pictures with all the tents and equipment.

After looking at the campground and talking to the camp host for a while, we found a very nice store not far away where we got lunch and sat out on a covered deck to eat.  At about 6000 ft the temperature was great.  Steve and I  enjoyed  Pabst Blue Ribbon beer with our sandwiches.   I can't believe how good a beer can taste when you don't have one but every so often, although when we got back in the car it was slightly surprising to me how much I was thinking about how good it was!  When we go camping I'm going to enjoy having a few beers when I feel like it.  There is really no reason why I shouldn't , but I have just wanted to prove to myself that I don't need it.  A beer or two in the evening always compensated for not being able to have a cigarette, and I think I'm over that type of craving now.

At 4 pm it is already 102, and will probably get a little hotter before it starts to cool down.   Since I wasn't here to turn on the swamp cooler & fan before it got so hot, it isn't going to cool down very much.   I'm ok in the living room but the kitchen is almost unbearable!  That is always the hottest room in the house.

So this is how I spent my day.  I'm also going to try to get to Lassen for a few days in mid-June, so I can dust off my camping gear and get ready for the joys of camping, which is what I love to do.


  1. It is so exciting you are making camping plans. The heat really does get you down after awhile. I am glad we are someplace cooler finally. Have fun making plans.

  2. do you have a window in the kitchen that you can open? To cool, the evap has to be able to blow the inside air out. Every room that you want to cool has to have an open window.

  3. Glad you got out and visited a state park with family. That is always enjoyable.

  4. Can I come too! Looks really nice and made me feel cool. Sounds like you had a nice day.

  5. That looks like a wonderful place to camp. Going with your family will make it a really nice outing plus you will have help putting up your tent if you so desire.

    You would think I was going along on your camping trip, I got excited just thinking about it.

  6. What fun, scouting out new camping possibilities with your family. You are SO lucky that they are campers. My Carrie is but her fiance, not so much. Apparently that's OK with her. Coming back into the 100+ sounds horrible. I can see why you want to get out camping.

  7. What fun! looking great! and dusting off the camping gear is also fun because you know what it means ~ out in nature...

    I don't like the heat ~ not one bit