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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Taking a break

I probably won't post again until Monday.  I'm still debating on whether to take my computer and MiFi along, just in case, but I would probably have to drive somewhere out of the campground to get a signal.  So I will detox, if you can call it that, from technology for a few days.

Speaking of technology, I was asked by Backpacker Mag. to take an online survey, to which I agreed.  Had I known how long it would take and the repetitiveness of the questions, I would have declined.  Some things I have definite ideas on and don't mind answering a few questions, but this was overkill.  If I left a question blank, they came back at me and wanted to know why.  I'm sure their target audience is the tech savvy younger crowd who likes to impress their friends.  Some of the questions were even slanted that way, i.e., "Do people often ask for your advice on xxx?", and "Do you enjoy giving advice?"  Well hell  yes, I love to give advice.  But I expect the listener to figure it out and follow their own ideas - although they can take my advice if they want to.

The last part of the survery was entirely devoted to techie stuff, and I didn't even understand some of the questions.  Fortunately they had a box to check for "No opinion".

I have a lot of items packed in the car and ready to roll, except for food, drink, clothing and personal items.   I'm planning to make potato salad and have cooked the potatos, eggs, etc., but haven't decided whether to mix it all up this evening or tomorrow morning before I leave (somewhere around 11 am).  I will likely do it tonight to save hassles in the morning.  It's going to be enough hassles just packing the coolers and whatever.   Other than having to cook for myself tomorrow evening, I'm just going to mooch off the others which is why I'm bringing potato salad as an offering.  I'm also bringing grapes, apricots, and maybe some other fruit along.  That's always good to snack on.  I'll be coming back to a relatively empty fridge & freezer.  (I'm eating the last of my ice cream tonight!)

I bought a 12 pack of beer yesterday, thinking for sure I'd want one in the evening.  Didn't want it at all, but surely this evening???   I'll let loose when I get to the campground, and no doubt have two or three.  There is a delightful little store/deli near the campground, with a covered deck for eating outside.  That will be a good place to get additional ice, beer, etc.

I spoke with a woman today I had called with a few questions about the campground.  She sounded delighted that we were coming up for the weekend as most of the sites are empty and could likely stay that way.  The camp host told us that when Steve and I were there a few weeks ago - the place never fills up.  If my kids get rowdy the mgmt might have to call a little order :-)   Seriously, they are going to behave.   There is a nice trail right next to the campground and I'm ready to take the kids for a little walk.  I'm bringing every trekking pole I own, plus the beautiful walking staff made for me by Judy Bell.  With 5 grandchildren and 5 poles, I will let the two older girls alternate using the walking staff.  I can't wait to see what dress and accessories  5 yr old Arianna selected to wear this camping trip, and will be photographing the event.

So I hope everyone has a good weekend, and I'll be back shortly after. 

NOTE:  When I refer to "the kids"  being rowdy, I'm talking about my kids; the little ones are the grandkids.


  1. Don't forget to take the makings for s'mores. We love taking the grandkids camping.

  2. Here's some advice. ;) Make popcorn over the fire. I have one of those poppers if you'd like to borrow it...

  3. Have a great time. Sounds like a lot of fun.

  4. lol, Judy...

    HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME!!! and hold it down to a small roar.. Hahaaaa

    love it.

  5. You're going to have so much fun you won't even go through withdrawal from the technology.

  6. I'm so excited for you - have a wonderful, wonderful time!!! Can't wait to see all the photos next week. :)

  7. Have a great time and will be looking forward to the pictures.

  8. You sure do sound excited. I know everyone is going to have a great time and you'll all wish it would never end.

  9. Have a great time with your kids and the grandchildren. These are the trips that memories are made of.

    Enjoy yourself and drink a beer for me :D