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Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I just put the last pieces into the jigsaw puzzle I started on June 14.  That is 1000 pieces.  I thought I was missing 3 pieces but moved the coffee table a bit and found them on the floor.  I'm posting a picture of the finished puzzle, but the colors are sort of muted and not easy to photograph.  The subject of the picture is a quilting bee judging, and you can see the colorful quilts in the picture.   You can click on the picture to enlarge it.

 Now I 'm psyched to get another puzzle, but not right away.   I don't get much done when I get engrossed in it.

I took a quick time-out to go to BelAir this morning - my sweet tooth must have been bothering me.  I bought 4 chocolate eclairs (just finished one and it is all I dreamed it would be.).   I also got a box of 6 mini angel food cakes.  I have an abundance of strawberries, and even though I eat some every morning they won't be as good when I get to the bottom of the box.  I just opened the 2nd can of whipped cream, so I see strawberry shortcake in the very near future.  The whipped cream went fast because I had bought a box of apricots at Costco - probably 15 or so in the box.  They were good but not as sweet as I like, so every day I cut up a couple in small pieces and drenched them with whipped cream.  Sometimes I add whipped cream to my breakfast fruit bowl, but I need to get away from doing that because I doubt if I'll buy more whipped cream when I finish this.  They came 3 cans to a package and I gave one to Donald.   He has the same problem with gaining weight, but I'm sure Jeannie didn't give in to temptation.

I need to go to Costco later on because I ate the last of the organic grapes - a huge box, and I might get another pineapple, and some more cherries.   

It's going into the mid-90's today and the hot days will hang around for a while.   I haven't used the swamp cooler for several days.  I'll try not to complain.


  1. There are times when I do envy you being able to eat whipped cream and eclairs. But I also know how frustrating the weight issue is for you.

  2. The puzzle is great good job. I probably would have thrown it back in the box on the 3rd day.

  3. Love the finished puzzle.I give you a lot of credit. I could never get anywhere near finishing it.

  4. To be thin and able to eat yummy things :-(

    You have a lot of patience...I could not finish a jigsaw puzzle if my life depended on it.

  5. All that fresh fruit sounds wonderful. The heat, not so much. Why no swamp cooler? Congrats on zipping through that puzzle.